​Michelle Duggar Visits Pregnancy Specialist — Will There Be Baby #20?​

Photo: People Photo: People

The stars of TLC’s show 19 Kids and Counting (yep, that’s still a show!) may be trying for baby number 20. A preview clip released to Today.com reveals Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar recently visited a high-risk pregnancy specialist in Little Rock, Arkasas. Is Michelle trying to get pregnant again? Not necessarily. “If I am in that season of life where we’re not able to have any more, then I’m fine, I’m happy with that,” the 47-year-old tells her viewers. “But if there are things physically I need to know, that I need to do, healthwise just to be ready to catch a baby if God saw fit to give us one.” Health is definitely a concern for the Duggars. Their youngest child, Josie, was born over three months premature. And the couple suffered a miscarriage in 2011. But they’re certainly not trying to not get pregnant; the devout Independent Baptists don’t use birth control. Feeling like you know more about the (healthy? frequent? robust?) sex life of this Arkansas couple than you should? Since the start of the TLC show in 2008, Michelle Duggar has consistently and straightforwardly opened up about nearly all aspects of her life. She even has an extensive — and very well written — blog on the Duggar family website, dating back to 2010. Michelle covers it all, from tips for budgeting and holiday traditions to cultivating good manners in kids. Maybe her TLC contract requires a monthly blog, but hey, good advice is good advice. And her, well, atypical lifestyle aside, Michelle Duggar does offer quite a bit of clear and helpful advice to new moms, while also explaining the choices she’s made. The lady’s got a good head on her shoulders. If she wants to see a pregnancy specialist, more power to her. What do you think: Is 19 kids a good time to call it quits? Or is it cool for the Duggars to keep going for more? Do we even get to have a say? Plus, more from The Bump: Are You Ready for Another Baby? High Risk Pregnancy Crazy Celeb Birth Stories