Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Her Baby Girl’s Name!

Photo: DustyLu Photography Photo: DustyLu Photography

The ever-tomboyish Kendra Wilkinson and her husband, Hank Baskett, now have one of each!

The reality star mama gave birth to her baby girl last Friday, and we can’t wait to see pictures of Alijah Mary Baskett. TMZ obtained Alijah’s birth certificate, which says she was born at 8:02 a.m. via c-section at Cedars-Sinai in LA. “She is happy and healthy,” Kendra’s rep told E!.

Alijah is the Americanized version of Elijah and means “the Lord is my God.”

We love the unique first name and traditional middle name choice. Maybe we’ll see Alijah playing sports like her mom one day?

“People keep asking me if I’m excited to have a ‘princess’ and I usually respond with, ‘I’d rather have my girl be a superhero than a princess.’ I believe making her think she is a princess is unrealistic and sets up a fantasy world. I want her to live and learn as I did — outside, playing in dirt and kicking a ball around,” Kendra wrote in her pregnancy blog.

Alijah joins 4-year-old big brother Hank IV. Hopefully, she gets his same beautiful hair, because he has some gorgeous curls, y’all.

Kendra announced that it was time to give birth last Thursday in a cute tweet, saying,”This is it guys. It’s time. Love you all n tweet to ya again when I can. Xoxoxo.”

Does your child have a traditional middle name?

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