Christina Ricci Is Expecting Her First Child!

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
This can't be possible. This just can't be. How can little Wednesday Addams be having a baby? Well, I guess Christina Ricci isn't considered "little" anymore, since she's 34 years old, married and now pregnant! Christina's rep confirmed to People that she was indeed expecting her first child, although her recent walk through LAX was enough... Read more

Mexico’s Controversial Breastfeeding Campaign

Photo: Jezebel
Taken aback by this ad? You're not alone; Mexico City's breastfeeding campaign this month raised more public scrutiny than public awareness. The ads -- which reportedly have already been removed from the city's website -- feature incredibly toned topless female celebrities. Their breasts are covered by a banner that reads: "No les des la... Read more

How What You Ate Before Pregnancy Affects Baby

Photo: Thinkstock/The Bump
You've always known you're supposed to eat healthy, but being conscious of your choices is easier when you're eating for two. Kudos to you if you cut out the chips and candy before getting a positive pregnancy test; a study out of the University of Adelaide in Australia just confirmed that a healthy pre-pregnancy diet has amazing benefits for birth.... Read more

A New Way to Start Baby on Solids (No Baby Food Required!)

Photo: Shutterstock/The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock/The Bump
Watching a six-month-old cram bits of chicken into his mouth or an eight-month old gnaw on some broccoli can be kind of, well, alarming. It's all part of a feeding technique called Baby Led Weaning -- a phenomenon cool enough to have it's own abbreviation (BLW) -- and we're hearing about parents doing this more... Read more

How Technology Is Changing What It Means to Be a Preemie

Will she have a low IQ? Is disability inevitable? Is she going to survive?  These are some of the questions swirling through moms' minds if they're at risk for delivering a preemie. While preterm labor is cause for concern, these questions are on their way to becoming antiquated. A full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks, but delivery... Read more

NYC’s First Lady’s Startling Mom Confession — Can You Relate?

Photo: NY Daily NewsPhoto: NY Daily News
You hate to admit it. The guilt is incessant. But sometimes, you don't want to be a mom. If there are days when you secretly want your old life back -- if only for a second -- you now have something in common with Chirlane McCray. The wife of New York City mayor Bill de Blasio... Read more

What This Two-Month-Old Says Will Melt Your Heart (WATCH!)

Baby Talk: Stephanie Passalacqua / TheKnot.comStephanie Passalacqua
Ready for a cute (and completely awesome) video that'll make your Friday even better? Meet Stephanie Passalacqua's two-month-old baby girl who's extremely verbally advanced. She filmed her daughter saying three very special words to her father. "Here is a video I recorded of my 2-month-old daughter trying to copy the words her father is saying to... Read more

Breastfeeding Helps Beneficial Bacteria in Baby’s Immune System, Study Shows

Photo: ShutterstockPhoto: Shutterstock
When you're breastfeeding, you may never realize that what you're doing is helping your baby's gut. No, really! According to a new study from the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen, breastfeeding encourages the growth of a helpful lactic acid bacteria in baby's gut flora, aiding the crucial development... Read more

You’re at Risk for Postpartum Depression Much Longer Than You Think​

Photo: Thinkstock/The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock/The Bump
If you've made it through the first year of motherhood relatively unscathed, congratulations! It's a trying time for your mental health, sometimes tainted by baby blues or postpartum depression. But a new study out of Australia warns you might not be in the clear... Read more

Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Her Baby Girl’s Name!

Photo: DustyLu PhotographyPhoto: DustyLu Photography
The ever-tomboyish Kendra Wilkinson and her husband, Hank Baskett, now have one of each! The reality star mama gave birth to her baby girl last Friday, and we can't wait to see pictures of Alijah Mary Baskett. TMZ obtained Alijah's birth certificate, which says she was born at 8:02 a.m. via c-section at Cedars-Sinai in LA. "She... Read more