Avoiding DIY Nightmares

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Whether you're braving crafts at a 4-year-old's birthday party or painting baby's nursery, parenting will likely lead you down a road of do-it-yourself endeavors. We've got the scoop on how to save yourself from the most common DIY nightmares, starting with the star of baby showers and birthday parties alike: glitter. How can you avoid... Read more

What’s the best age to have kids?

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I had my kids in my early thirties, which I considered a perfect age at the time. I had traveled the world, sewn my wild oats and established myself in my career before "settling down" and making a family. Little did I know that life was about to spin out of control for a few... Read more

This Baby Meeting His Teddy Bear Will Make Your Monday (WATCH!)

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If you're into adorable babies/stop-motion videos, you need to watch this clip to make your Monday infinitely cuter. Minneapolis couple Chris and Aimee Knutson, who met while working in theater, ordered a teddy bear before their first child was born and didn't plan for it to just sit on a shelf -- it was going... Read more

This Double Stroller Could Be Unsafe: Here’s Why

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What's that? You don't anticipate leaving your stroller locked in place on a 20-degree incline? Good. But Consumer Reports is still encouraging you to ask Graco for a refund. After testing the Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX -- a stroller capable of holding two children of different ages  -- Consumer Reports slapped it with... Read more

This US Track Star Ran 800 Meters How Many Months Pregnant?

Alysia MontanoPhoto: Getty
If you're in need of some pregnancy inspiration, look no further than Alysia Montano. She's a US Track and Field Championship runner who ran 800 meters in 2 minutes and 32 seconds on Thursday in Sacramento, California -- and she's almost nine months pregnant. Once you pick your jaw up off the floor, get this: The five-time... Read more

Long Labor Or More Painful Labor? Which Most Women Would Choose

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You don't really get to decide if labor is a marathon or a sprint. But what if you could? Researchers asked 40 pregnant woman if they would prefer a longer labor with relatively less pain, or a shorter labor with terrible pain. The general consensus: less pain, longer labor. The survey was distributed to women... Read more

A Pretty Zoo-Themed Baby Shower

We love a well-planned and well-executed baby shower. This one, thrown by NYC-based foodie and entertainer Svitlana Flom, captures the whimsical nature of a day at the zoo, but with sophisticated flair. She threw the party for a friend (who recently gave birth to a baby boy — congratulations!), and filled the party space with lots of yummy food, pretty decorations and adorable DIY touches. Here are some of Svitlana’s tips and tricks for throwing the perfect baby shower.

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Choose a theme that inspires you

Anything can be your source of inspiration. For Svitlana, it was old-fashioned wooden toys that she stumbled across in Washington, D.C. They became the centerpiece of the event, even holding court on the main table. The colors of the shower, pale yellow and gray, stemmed from the colors of the toys, and everything fell into place from there.


This pretty pastel shower is one of our favorites so far!

What’s your most creative baby shower idea? 

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Want to Raise an Athlete? Give Birth In the Fall

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

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