Who Knew That Babies’ Eyebrows Were This Funny? (WATCH!)

Baby Eyebrows Video Photo: Lucas MacEochaidh

When babies discover anything for the first time, it’s an adorable thing to watch — especially when the discovery is their eyebrows. Twenty-month-old Leon had a big revelation in a viral video taken by his dad, Lucas MacEochaidh, while being held by his mom.

Leon is looking in the mirror while raising his eyebrows up and down, and to him, it’s pretty much the funniest thing in the world (but really, it’s pretty darn cute). Lucas uploaded the video Friday and it already has nearly two million views.

“He just started doing this just then before I started filming,” Lucas, from Atlanta, told TODAY. “He was laughing hysterically and had actually slowed down a bit by the time I got the camera out.”

If Leon really wants to belly laugh, he should start watching old Groucho Marx movies too.

Watch the video here:

Has your baby discovered his/her eyebrows yet?

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