A Pretty Zoo-Themed Baby Shower

We love a well-planned and well-executed baby shower. This one, thrown by NYC-based foodie and entertainer Svitlana Flom, captures the whimsical nature of a day at the zoo, but with sophisticated flair. She threw the party for a friend (who recently gave birth to a baby boy — congratulations!), and filled the party space with lots of yummy food, pretty decorations and adorable DIY touches. Here are some of Svitlana’s tips and tricks for throwing the perfect baby shower.

Photo Courtesy of Svitlana Flom
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Choose a theme that inspires you

Anything can be your source of inspiration. For Svitlana, it was old-fashioned wooden toys that she stumbled across in Washington, D.C. They became the centerpiece of the event, even holding court on the main table. The colors of the shower, pale yellow and gray, stemmed from the colors of the toys, and everything fell into place from there.
Photo Courtesy of Svitlana Flom
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Opt for finger food

Bite-sized munchies are perfect for a baby shower — dealing with forks and knives while mingling is more of an awkward hassle than it’s worth. Svitlana’s menu included prosciutto-wrapped chicken roulettes, colorful veggies and seafood sliders.
Photo Courtesy of Svitlana Flom
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Yummy sliders will leave your guests licking fingers and looking for more.
Photo Courtesy of Svitlana Flom
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Who doesn't love a delicious cupcake with cream cheese frosting?
Photo Courtesy of Svitlana Flom
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Panna cotta

Panna cotta topped with passionfruit puree -- yes, please!
Photo Courtesy of Svitlana Flom
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Lemonade is definitely a traditional crowd-pleaser, and the ribbon and straws give it a fancy twist.
Photo Courtesy of Svitlana Flom
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Aren't these the cutest flowers you've ever seen?
Photo Courtesy of Svitlana Flom
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Tissue paper flowers tie the whole affair together while maintaining a casual vibe.


This pretty pastel shower is one of our favorites so far!

What’s your most creative baby shower idea? 

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