Mark Your Calendars: The Boobolution Starts August 1

breastfeeding Shutterstock

You say you want a boob-olution? We’re doing our best to make it happen. On August 1, moms everywhere will be breastfeeding in public to kick off Breastfeeding Awareness Month. And we’re asking you to do the same.

By being comfortable with breastfeeding out in the open, you’ll show other moms that it’s no big deal. In fact, breastfeeding your baby, wherever and whenever he needs to be fed, is your right.

How can you show your support? Tweet @TheBump using #boobolution all day long on August 1, and let us know where you’re breastfeeding. And don’t forget to give us a pledge on the site. We’ll be offering all sorts prizes and giveaways; stay tuned.

Where do you dare to breastfeed?

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