This Family’s Adoption Pictures Will Make Your Day

When photographer Kate T. Parker‘s sister and brother-in-law adopted baby Sam, now five months, in February 2014, she knew immediately that she wanted to commemorate the event in a special way. Kate documented the entire adoption process on camera, ending with a stunning series entitled Blended, which chronicles the family welcoming a new baby into their home. With Sam’s full, soft cheeks and saucer-sized eyes, how could you not fall in love with him instantly? “He’s the happiest, cutest baby on the planet,” she told the Huffington Post. “I feel so lucky to have that little man in my life.”

Here are some of the beautiful photos that Kate took to document the family welcoming Sam into their lives. They’re so sweet, and she’s right: Sam may be the cutest baby on the planet.


Photo: Kate T. Parker
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Photo: Kate T. Parker
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Photo: Kate T. Parker
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Photo: Kate T. Parker
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Photo: Kate T. Parker
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Photo: Kate T. Parker
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Photo: Kate T. Parker
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