The Most Ridiculous Fights You’ll Have in IKEA

Photo: The Nest Photo: The Nest

Ever traveled to IKEA with your kid?

If you are one of the valiant soldiers who has braved the battle field of Hemnes six-drawer chests and the ubiquitous, lingering scent of Swedish meatballs with an infant in tow, we applaud you. It’s a feat that deserves to be recognized and appreciated for its level of difficulty.

That being said, there’s someone with whom it’s even more difficult to wander the hallowed concrete halls of IKEA than your child. Who’s that, you ask? Your partner. 

These are the horrible, obnoxious, possibly relationship-ending (kidding — we hope) fights that you’ll encounter — or have — at IKEA.

The Fight: Expedit or Hemnes
Two words you’ve never even heard before have suddenly become the subject of life-or-death discussions. The difference between the two furniture pieces is basically nothing but that doesn’t mean your fight will be. You find that you and your mate have begun fighting over which uncluttered storage system you want. He likes the open shelving; you prefer one with cabinet doors — and a 45-minute heated argument ensues because you can’t agree. Ugh, bara håller med mig! (That’s Swedish for ‘UGH! Just agree with me!’)

For more ridiculous fights induced by reasonably-priced Scandinavian furniture, check out The Nest.

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