The Year’s Most Buzzworthy Baby Name Trends

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Trends may come and go in the baby-naming world, but there’s one that seems here to stay: statement names. Just take one look back at 2015, a year that welcomed a Saint, a Sailor and a Saylor, a Rocket Zot, a Jagger Snow and a Spurgeon, and this idea is very clear. “It’s a way... Read more

Crowdsourcing A Baby Name From Preschoolers

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Deciding on a baby name is tough, prompting plenty of bickering, indecision and unwelcome feedback. Why not just let someone else decide? We've heard of couples leaving it up to Starbucks employees or Facebook friends, but a Wisconsin preschool teacher just took the cake, letting her students decide. Of course, Miss Julie won't actually be... Read more

Kristin Cavallari Welcomes Baby Girl! See The Unique Name

Kristin Cavallari baby announcementKristin Cavallari via Instagram
Kristin Cavallari, fashion designer and former star of reality show The Hills, announced the birth of her baby girl this afternoon! This announcement also answers our biggest question: What is the baby's name? In September, Cavallari revealed she would be naming the baby girl after a dog. And a stranger's dog at that. “I met... Read more

These Popular Baby Names Overlap With Top Pet Names

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Whether your first “child” was your four-legged friend or you gave your baby a new “pet sibling” later on, chances are, you considered the same names for each. But is it that human names are inspiring pet names or pet names inspiring human names?, a site that helps pet owners find sitters and walkers... Read more

Kristin Cavallari's Next Baby Will Be Named After A Stranger's Dog (Really)

Pregnant Kristin Cavallari posing with her dogKristin Cavallari via Instagram
Your great aunt, a TV show character, your favorite teacher; baby name inspiration can come from anywhere. Even from strangers. Or their dogs. Kristin Cavallari revealed that she picked out the name of her third baby -- a girl, years ago, back when she was pregnant with her first son, Camden, now... Read more

Jenna Bush Hager Gives Newborn Daughter A Special Family Name

The Hager family is now happily a family of four! TODAY correspondent Jenna Bush Hager welcomed a second daughter with husband Henry Hager on Thursday, Aug. 13. Like their 2-year-old Margaret Laura, who they’ve nicknamed Mila, they’ve given the newborn a feminine name with significant family meaning. The mom of two announced the birth... Read more

How Temporary Names Put Newborns At Risk

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What's in a name? As it turns out, important safety provisions. A new study published in the journal Pediatrics shows that newborns' "temporary" names, like Babyboy and Babygirl, can lead to major consequences in the hospital. "There can be no delay in providing identification wristbands to newborns," the study says. That means... Read more

Thanks To Frozen, 'Elsa' Cracks List Of Top 500 Names

little girl in cute frozen themed costume
Call it the power of Disney. According to the most recent Social Security Administration data for 2014, Elsa snagged a spot on the top 500 baby names in the United States. Think it's not such a big deal? This is the first time since 1917 (!) that the name has made the cut, reporting in at... Read more

Zoe Saldana's Husband Takes Her Last Name, 'Sons Will Respect' Him

Zoe Saldana Marco PeregoShutterstock
It looks like we can officially refer to Zoë Saldana's babies as "the Saldana twins." Her husband, the former Marco Perego, recently revealed that he took his wife's last name. And in an interview with InStyle, Saldana admits she initially tried to talk him out of it. "I told... Read more

Most Popular Baby Names, State By State

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You already know the most popular baby names of 2014, and now it's time to get a little more local. The Social Security Administration just released 2014's official lists of the most popular baby names by state. While the national winners, Emma and Noah, are used so frequently that they snag the number one... Read more