The Justification You Need To Eat Chocolate Every Day During Pregnancy

box of chocolatesShutterstock
Just in time for Valentine's Day, we have some very important news: chocolate may have some big benefits during pregnancy. Research to be presented at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine's annual meeting this week shows daily—yes, daily—chocolate consumption improved both placental and fetal blood flow. Over the course of 12 weeks, 129 study... Read more

Screening For Depression During And After Pregnancy: A New Recommendation For Moms

pregnant woman laying on bedBruce & Rebecca Meissner
Tackling maternal mental illness for the first time, a government-appointented health panel has recommended that women be screened for depression during pregnancy and after birth. And insurance will cover it. That panel, the United States Preventive Services Task Force, called for this recommendation after studies showed just how important early identification and treatment can be. Last... Read more

Are Potatoes Problematic For Pregnancy?

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Trying to get pregnant? You probably already know there's foods that can help boost your fertility and get you in tip-top baby-making shape. But your pre-pregnancy diet isn't just important for the sake of getting pregnant. It can influence the health of your future baby as well. Previous studies have found that eating lean... Read more

New Pregnancy Test Syncs With App On Your Phone

new pregnancy test from First ResponseFirst Response
Want to know whether or not you're pregnant? There's an app for that. First Response unveiled a new digital pregnancy test this week at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show (a.k.a the largest tech conference in the world). The Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test uses Bluetooth to sync with the First Response app on your phone. “With... Read more

All Signs Point To Pregnancy: Deaf Husband Gets Big Surprise

husband discovers positive pregnancy testYouTube
Brittany Welch didn't waste any time figuring out how to surprise her husband with the big news once she found out she was pregnant. After getting a positive read that day, she wrapped the pregnancy test in tissue paper, making her husband, David, dig through a bag of goodies to get to it. Read more

Pregnancy Announcement Video Delivers Double Dose Of Christmas Cheer

surprise twin christmas pregnancy announcementSonya Davison
It's hard to find the perfect gift for your significant other. But Sonya Davison Sanchez found two. In a homemade stop-action video festively set to "Jingle Bell Rock," Sonya gifts husband Judd with a baby bump. But before he can fully celebrate, she ties a second ribbon around her belly; twins are on the way! Of course,... Read more

Hit Replay: 15 Best Pregnancy & Baby Viral Videos Of 2015

Lesia Pettijohn gives birth in carYouTube
There were a whole lot of amazing moments—pregnancy announcements, baby milestones and dramatic births—caught on video this year. We're counting down the ones that made you smile, laugh, cringe and even ugly cry (just a little). 15. Best Delivery Dance Off Call it the labor locomotion: If there’s one trend that had our hearts skipping a... Read more

Wife Surprises Husband With Star Wars-Themed Pregnancy Announcement

While finding out you're having a baby is incredibly exciting, it can also be incredibly scary, especially if Darth Vader and a pair of stormtroopers are the ones to tell you that you're going to be a dad. While celebrating their three year anniversary at Walt Disney World, one wife enlisted the help of a... Read more

How Baked By Melissa’s Founder Is Dealing With Pregnancy Weight Gain

melissa ben ishay of baked by melissaBaked by Melissa
Melissa Ben-Ishay is the President and Chief Product Officer of the New York City-based dessert company Baked by Melissa. When Ben-Ishay was fired from her job in advertising in 2008, she decided to do what she loved—to offer consumers the ultimate dessert experience. With the idea that people should be able to taste more... Read more

When Are Antibiotics Not Okay During Pregnancy?

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Even the most cautious moms-to-be can find themselves sick with a virus or infection during pregnancy. And if they do, it's reassuring that researchers from the University of Montreal recently vetted common antibiotics, finding no link to birth defects. But a new study poses a question: Is it a good idea to take antibiotics the whole... Read more