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After Head Is Reattached To Spine, Toddler Learns To Walk Again

Toddler kicking a ball after spinal surgery7 News Melbourne via Facebook
Baby's first steps are a huge milestone. And they're even more monumental after surviving a spine-severing, life-threatening car accident. Australia-native Jaxon Taylor, just 16 months old, was riding in a car with his mother and big sister last month when they experienced a head-on collision. The 70 mph accident tore his upper vertebrae, meaning his... Read more

This Baby Photo Sums Up One Family's Fertility Struggle

IVF baby in heart of syringesSher Institutes via Facebook
A recent viral photo is driving home an important message: It doesn't matter how baby got here, just that she did. Fertility clinic Sher Institutes posted a photo of baby Angela surrounded by a heart of syringes. Why? Because injections, medications and various treatments are the reason she's here at all. And that process is a... Read more

Recall Alert! Safety 1st Décor Wood High Chairs

Safety first high chair recallCPSC
After 68 reports of kids removing the tray tables, Safety 1st is recalling about 35,000 Décor Wood high chairs for a fall hazard. So far, Safety 1st has received 11 injury reports, including lacerations, chipped teeth and bruises. Three models of the high chair -- which was sold at Babies R US, Toys R Us and... Read more

Mom In Airport Was Instructed To Pump In 'Pet Relief Area'

pet relief area at airportLiz Meagher Cooper
When you gotta pump, you gotta pump. During a layover at Washington DC, Dulles International Airport, Massachusetts mom Liz Meagher Cooper asked a United Airlines employee where the best spot to privately pump was. The first option she was offered: the family bathroom. But a lack of an electrical outlet and overall unsanitary conditions meant that space wasn't... Read more

Pregnancy Cravings And Moods Brought To Life In Whimsical Photo Shoot

women bathing in pregnancy cravings foodCarrot Incorporations via Facebook
Pregnancy cravings have you wishing you could dive into some chocolate right about now? Or immerse yourself in all the strawberries you can handle? Art director Vaida Rasciute of Carrot Incorporations is bringing your fantasies to life. The Ireland-based stylist got especially creative while she was pregnant with her youngest. Rasciute posed in... Read more

Screaming Baby Receives Scolding Note From Restaurant Diners

baby eating with food on his mouthThinkstock
Braving the restaurant scene with baby is a daring right of passage for you both. And for one Idaho mom, dining out was made especially uncomfortable by fellow Texas Roadhouse patrons. Mom Katie Leach and her family were at Texas Roadhouse in Nampa, Idaho, when her 10-month-old son Drew was accused of "ruining" the dinner... Read more

Back On Birth Control (Minutes) After Baby

The furthest thing from your mind in the delivery room? Delivering yet another baby. To help new moms take charge of their family planning, some insurance plans are covering birth control implants like IUDs immediately after birth. Because of expanding Medicaid coverage nationwide, the service has jumped from being available in zero states... Read more

Funny Video Shows How Real Moms Clean The House

Mom in a dog cone holding a tropical drinkYouTube
A pristine home is tough enough to maintain without kids. But with a baby or toddler in the house, it's impossible, right? Not according to Michelle Villemaire of Home Made Mimi. As TLC's resident DIY-er, Villemaire knows a thing or two about tackling tough projects. And in a new video, she hilariously outlines the... Read more

How Much Is A Baby Name Worth To You?

baby names on clotheslineShutterstock
What's in a name? Based on a growing trend, it can be either a good chunk of change or a lifetime of regret. In an attempt to persuade parents to follow family tradition, grandparents (and great-grandparents) are offering thousands of dollars in exchange for naming rights. Take the Hudocks, for example. The New... Read more

New Army Breastfeeding Policy Balances 'Needs Of Mother With Needs Of Mission'

Army moms breastfeeding in uniformTara Ruby
Army moms know how to fight -- and win -- a battle. While the intention of the Fort Bliss soldiers who posed for a photo while breastfeeding their babies in full uniform was intended to normalize breastfeeding, the aftermath had even more tangible results. Effective immediately, the army has issued a service-wide breastfeeding policy,... Read more