Anisa Arsenault

Anisa Arsenault is the editorial assistant at The Bump, and was probably led there by her affinity for the video "Babies Eating Lemons for the First Time." (Having a bad day? Check it out.) Obsessed with all sorts of news and celebrities, she'll keep you updated on all that is current, relevant and funny in the world of parenthood and babies. Follow her on Twitter @anisaarsenault.

Why Dental Health During Pregnancy Matters

You've heard you should stay on top of your dentist appointments while pregnant. But with all your other prenatal checkups, is it really necessary? Definitely. A new study form Delta Dental found that 42.5 percent of pregnant women are skipping out on their dentist appointments, missing opportunities to identify and correct oral problems that occur... Read more

Watch This 20-Month-Old Toddler Rock Climb

Baby Ellie Farmer climbing a rock wallFacebook
She's not even two, but she can probably scale a wall more strategically than you. Meet Ellie Farmer, the 20-month-old rock climber. While videos of the bouldering toddler have recently gone viral, her talent is nothing new; Ellie scaled her first wall at 8 months old. "She's really been part of the climbing community... Read more

Why One CEO Hid Her Pregnancy To Save Her Job

Talia Goldstein, CEO who hid pregnancy, and familyTalia Goldstein via Facebook
As the co-founder and CEO of a matchmaking startup called Three Day Rule, Talia Goldstein had plenty of challenges in front of her. One of the biggest? Fundraising. And she was determined not to let pregnancy get in the way of that. Unfortunately, she found that hiding her bump -- and her pregnancy altogether --... Read more

Singer Kimberly Henderson Gets Real With Postbaby Belly Photo

Kimberly Henderson and familyKimberly Henderson via Facebook
Kimberly Henderson made a name for herself after posting a video singing a lullaby to her baby girl on YouTube (a cover of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know," to be exact). She even landed herself time in the studio to record her single, Tiny Hearts. Now, the mom of four is continuing... Read more

Musician's Post-Concert Pic Washing Wife's Breast Pump Stuns The Internet

George Moss with wife and sonGeorge Moss via Instagram
Time to completely reimagine what you think goes on after a concert. “If you ever wonder what rappers do when they get off stage, they clean breast pumps for their wives so their baby can eat,” rapper George Moss captioned a Facebook photo on Monday, compete with the hashtag #thuglife. He didn't expect it to go... Read more

Kids Who Fib Have Better Memories

toddler girl with her head in handsShutterstock
Have a little fibber on your hands? Before you panic about reinforcing right versus wrong, know that the ability to lie well seems to be a testament to your child's memory. A new study in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology found that the 6- and 7-year-old participants involved who were masters of the little white lie demonstrated... Read more

When Kids Rewrite Magic Mike It's XXL Funnier — And Dirtier

Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum singingThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
With an R-rating, Magic Mike XXL is definitely not kid-appropriate. But without even trying, these kids created rewrites that are even dirtier than the original screenplay. Giving them no information other than the title Magic Mike, Jimmy Fallon asked elementary school kids to give the story a rewrite. Naturally, he and Channing Tatum... Read more

MVP: Most Valuable Papa

Dad catches foul ball while feeding
If you're a baseball fan, catching a ball in the stands at an MLB game is impressive in its own right. Here's why this guy is the MVP of foul ball catching: 1. He was holding a baby 2. He was feeding the baby 3. Catching the ball did not interfere with said baby's feeding... Read more

Meet IVF's Secret Weapon: Sunshine

woman in sunlightShutterstock
A Belgian doctor tried to find a correlation between IVF treatment and weather. Nothing. So he looked at the weather a month before the actual date of treatment. And that changed everything. "The month before is what's important, because that's when the egg is already starting to grow and mature,"  says Dr. Frank Vandekerckhove, a reproduction... Read more

When Were You #BetterForBaby?

Mom singing baby a lullaby in #BetterForBaby videoPampers
A new baby means a new lifestyle. And while the changes you make -- from no more sleeping to no more smoking -- can seem daunting or unwelcome, you may notice a trend; other people in your life try to be better for baby too. That's the message from the new #BetterForBaby Pampers campaign. One... Read more