Lori Richmond

Lori heads up the Creative Services team at The Bump and loves all things art-related. When she's not at work directing the design of the site, she's at home in Brooklyn creating over-the-top birthday parties for her two sons, Cooper Hudson (6) and Holden Rockwell (3), who, by the way, are named after typefaces. Follow Lori on Twitter: @loririchmond

Kate Middleton’s Classic (and Gross) Mom Move We’ve All Done a Million Times

Getty Images / The BumpGetty Images / The Bump
I'm finding it seriously hard to believe that our beloved Duchess, Kate Middleton, is being criticized for wiping baby drool on her dress. She's the mom of a nine month old, people! Let's break the "offense" down, shall we? If she DIDN'T wipe the drool, she'd get criticized anyway for leaving drool hanging off her... Read more

An Open Letter to Kate Middleton About Finding a New Nanny

Photo: Daily Mail UKPhoto: Daily Mail UK
Dear Catherine, The latest word across the globe is that you and Will are on the hunt for a new caregiver for your precious little man, Prince George. Being the world's most famous Royal, you'll undoubtedly be flooded by seemingly highly qualified candidates boasting higher education degrees, fancy breeding, white glove service and... Read more

Stalker Hacks Into Family’s Baby Monitor: How to Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen to You

By now we've all heard the creepy story about the family in Houston whose baby monitor was hacked. Texas daddy Marc Gilbert awoke one night after hearing a stranger's voice coming from his daughter's room only to find out that a stalker had hacked into their daughter's baby monitor and was making obscene... Read more

A Mom Shares: My Struggle With Preeclampsia

I never thought I'd have anything in common with Kim Kardashian except the fact that we're both brunettes. But in the wake of the news of her possible preeclampsia, I cannot help but feel a connection to her. I also suffered from this scary and serious condition with the birth of my older... Read more

Birthday Spotlight: Kyler’s Preppy Ocean Party

Photos: Grant Miller / The BumpPhotos: Grant Miller / The Bump
Summer's just about here, so Kyler and family celebrated his first birthday with a few preppy sea creature friends! Birthday Kid: Kyler, age 1 Party Details: Argyle accents, an octopus and whales... oh my! Kyler's mom decked out his birthday fete with this modern twist on the traditional ocean theme. Though she's not a professional... Read more

Birthday Spotlight: August’s Amazing Animal Cupcakes

Photos: Cassie Guy / The BumpPhotos: Cassie Guy / The Bump
Attention moms of critter-loving kids! Take a look at these too-cute-to-be-eaten DIY animal cupcakes. Birthday Kid: August, age 3 Cupcake Details: August's mom is a pretty amazing sculptor! She crafted these marzipan cupcake toppers -- by hand! -- into colorful flamingos, alligators, snails, ladybugs, whales, mice and more for his science-themed birthday party. Where to... Read more

How Tragedy Has Changed Me as a Mom

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
It's very hard to put into words how, as mothers, we react to tragic events -- especially those involving the senseless deaths of children. Lately I've been thinking about how these tragedies, in their unfortunate frequency, have begun to shape me as a mother. Last October, in New York City, little Lulu and Leo... Read more

Birthday Spotlight: Sesame Street Party for Three!

Photos: Heather Milroth-Cox / The BumpPhotos: Heather Milroth-Cox / The Bump
...And you thought ONE birthday cake-covered kid was fun? Imagine three! Check out this colorful Sesame Street party for a set of triplets. Birthday Kids: Sarah, Logan and Joanie, age 2 Party Details: This trio loves Elmo, Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby, so their mom and dad threw them a Sesame Street party with three... Read more

Birthday Spotlight: Gorgeous Rapunzel Cake

Photos: Amy Hellmann / The BumpPhotos: Amy Hellmann / The Bump
Let down your hair and check out this truly amazing (homemade!) Rapunzel cake. Birthday Kid: Brynn, age 2 Cake Details: Brynn's family wanted a low-key, at-home party to celebrate her 2nd birthday -- but they pulled out all the stops when it came to the cake! Her grandmother DIY-ed this gorgeous two-tiered tower wrapped with... Read more

Birthday Spotlight: Sophia’s Pretty Princess Party

Photos: Simply Sophia, Photography / The BumpPhotos: Simply Sophia, Photography / The Bump
The only thing better than a great birthday party, is a great birthday party with an even greater story behind it! Meet Sophia -- she was born over 11 weeks early, weighed only three pounds, and spent six weeks in the NICU fighting for her life. As a thank you to the medical team who... Read more