Kim Blase

I am a 31 yr old first time mom from St. Louis, MO. My husband, Chris, and I were blessed with our little guy, Connor, almost 2 years ago. We had to go through IVF to be able to have Connor, so he's even more special to us and our families. Chris and I are huge St. Louis Cardinal fans and we love entertaining and hanging out with friends.

Finding ‘Me Time’ Is Impossible When You’re a New Mom

Photo: Cinnamon Chic / The BumpPhoto: Cinnamon Chic / The Bump
My husband and I lead a very organized, balanced lifestyle.  Everything has its place in the house. Or so it did... Four months ago, we welcomed a baby boy into this world and now, our little guy has thrown our whole life balance off-kilter (in the best way possible). We enjoy every minute we have with him and... Read more

Which Parenting Style Is Best for Baby?

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
I really feel it would have been so much easier to have and raise a baby in simpler times. Today, it feels like having and raising a baby has become somewhat of a competition or a trendy, popularity contest. That might sound harsh, but hear me out: Although all the new advances in medicine have... Read more

How I Realized I Had Postpartum Depression

I'm a new mom and I'm experiencing some postpartum depression. There are a few things I think contributed to my developing it. First of all, I'm prone to anxiety and depression and have struggled in the past with social anxiety. While I was pregnant, I had a secret concern that I would wind up... Read more

New Mom Rants and Raves

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I became an official mom three-and-a-half months ago and, although I only halfway believed people when they said my life will change forever, they were absolutely right. I was a nanny for three years before switching to my current job so I I was very confident in my ability to care for a baby but... Read more