Leslie Goldman

Leslie Goldman is a Chicago-based women's health writer and new mom to sweet baby Evie. Her writing can be seen in O: The Oprah Magazine, Self, Fit Pregnancy, Fitness, Woman's Day and more. She has authored books on body image and nutrition and is currently working on two more: One on girl empowerment; the other, a funny memoir of infertility. Follow her on Twitter @LeslieGoldman or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/goldmanleslie. Feeling frisky? Follow Leslie's breast pump @ThePumptyDance. Read her blog @ HealthBreaksLoose.com

Human Breast Milk Saves Puppy’s Life

Photo: The NestPhoto: The Nest
Woman Breastfeeds Puppy To Save Its Life.” It sounds like a headline dragged straight from the trashiest of grocery store checkout line gossip rags, but apparently, this one is true. A woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, told news outlets in her Colorado home town that she was fostering a litter of orphaned... Read more

Tori Spelling’s Baby Weight Loss Lies: Why She Starved Herself to Drop the Pounds

Two, four, six, three, Donna Martin lied to me! In her new memoir, Spelling It Like It Is, Tori Spelling confesses that she lied in US Weekly last year when she said she exercised to take the baby weight off. Among her fibs: Lie #1: She said swam off 45 pounds, doing laps... Read more

10 Dream Pregnancy Laws Inspired by Pennsylvania’s Ban on Bump-Touching

Photo: The GuardianPhoto: The Guardian
By now, you’ve no doubt heard that Pennsylvania has officially made it illegal to touch a pregnant woman’s belly without her permission. That’s right, the next time a stranger attempts to fondle your bump, just dial 911 and the Preggy Po-Po will arrive, sirens blaring and flashing lights blazing. (Here's hoping the lights... Read more

A Mom Shares: I Was So Proud to Watch a Couple Undergo IVF on Live TV

In vitro fertilizationThinkstock
“This is one of the coolest things you’re ever going to see.” That’s what Today Show medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman promised on yesterday’s show as the camera zoomed in on a needle injecting a single sperm into a freshly harvested egg. Touted as the first time conception has been shown on live TV, the... Read more

Why I’m Ditching My Phone for More Time With My Daughter

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
Whenever I’m out with our daughter on a walk, it seems that 80 percent of the moms I pass on the street are attempting the stroll/text/sip combination known as the Mom Walk. The walk, much like it sounds, goes a little something like this: 1. Load baby in stroller, toss diaper bag underneath and head... Read more

Why I’m So Proud of Kate Middleton for Showing Off Her Postbaby Body

Photo: Guardian UKPhoto: Guardian UK
His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge isn’t the only one who made a big debut on Tuesday. The 8 lbs., 6 oz. little fella appeared on the hospital steps along with his proud papa, his beaming mama… and her postbaby bump. Yes, people, ‘tis true: After women give birth, their stomachs typically take... Read more

What the Kardashians Have Taught Me About Pregnancy and Parenting

Kourtney, Khloe and Kim KardashianPeople
Between the Kardash klan's original four siblings, the Jenner girls, Kourtney’s fashionable little buttons and Kim’s early arrival, there’s an impressive amount of Kardashian DNA floating around the celebrity stratosphere. Thanks to stirrup-mounted reality cams and naptime selfies, the average gossip magazine/bad TV viewer (AKA me) knows a little too much about the various Kardashian birth... Read more

Why I Love My C-Section Scar

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
As the mother to a 16-month-old little girl who was born through my belly, how could an article titled, "C-section scars banished with welding torch" not grab my attention? I clicked on it and learned about a new medical device that utilizes plasma instead of stitches and staples to “weld” incisions together, minimizing... Read more

How Boppy’s ‘Get One, Give One’ Program Helped Me Give Back to Other Moms in Need

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
LaNisa Allen was a new mom, trying to juggle nursing (and likely sleep deprivation, and postpartum recovery) with her job at Totes/Isotoner Corporation in Ohio. Her four-month-old son, Travian, ate every three hours, which meant that in order to keep her supply up, she needed to take frequent pumping breaks from... Read more

Why Women Who Are Struggling to Conceive Should Never Hide It

women sharing coffeeThinkstock
When you’re giving yourself a shot of estrogen in a Starbucks restroom or couch-bound for two days straight after being put under anesthesia to have 20 eggs harvested, it's hard not to feel like you are the only woman alive living through the pain of infertility. To make it worse, sometimes it feels like each... Read more