Leah Rocketto

Philadelphia Surgeons Successfully Separate Conjoined Twins

Tucker Twins
Alison and Amelia Tucker finally received the surgery they've been waiting eight months for. Yesterday afternoon, surgeons at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia successfully separated the 8-month-old conjoined twins. Hospitalized since birth, the twins from Adams, New York shared a chest wall, diaphragm, pericardium and liver. This situation occurs in 1 of 60,000 births, and often results in... Read more

The Latest Scoop: Original Gerber Baby Meets New Model

Gerber Baby

Recall Alert! Britax Car Seats

Britax Recall
On Tuesday, November 6, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA)  and Britax Child Safety Inc. recalled over 60,000 Britax car seats. The recall comes after reports of children biting or chewing on the chest pad, which could result in injury or death via choking. The recalled seats were sold throughout the United States and Canada... Read more

Pregnant Woman Votes While In Labor

Photo Credit: NBCPhoto Credit: NBC
Today, millions across America cast their vote for the next president, and many of us will complain about the long lines and confusing process. But how about doing it while having labor contractions? When Galicia Malone, a Chicago mom-to-be, went into labor this morning, she grabbed her hospital bag and rushed to the nearest polling... Read more

Election Inspired Baby Names

Presidential Baby Names
It's election day, and for some moms-to-be, choosing a candidate isn't the only decision on their mind. There are baby names to think of! Try some of these picks inspired by past US presidents and first ladies. George Nothing beats the original! As the first president of the United States, George Washington led the... Read more

Hurricane Sandy: How to Help Families In Need

Photo Credit: The Daily BeastPhoto Credit: The Daily Beast
To say Hurricane Sandy caused some damage would be a huge understatement. The superstorm that hit last week, in a short amount of time, cut power in 18 million homes and caused over $20 million in property damage throughout New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island. Millions have seen the destruction and have asked how they... Read more

Another Hurricane Sandy Birth Story: New Jersey Mom Delivers Baby in Her Bathroom

Abby and Stephen
It reads like a sitcom story line:  Pregnant woman gets stuck somewhere because of some crazy circumstance, goes into labor and delivers her baby on her own. But for Abby Wellington, a 34-year-old pediatrician and second-year neonatal fellow from New Jersey, this was no TV episode. Last Monday, while Hurricane Sandy took down power lines and home... Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Brings Back “I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy”

Jimmy Kimmel
With Hurricane Sandy postponing Halloween for some and causing chaos for many, it seems everyone was in need of a laugh this week. Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel knows how to lighten even the darkest of moods. Famous for challenging parents to humorously torture their children, the late-night talk show host brought back a fan favorite this week. "I Told My... Read more

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Are Expecting a Baby!

Photo: Us WeeklyPhoto: Us Weekly
A baby is on the way for Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard! Monday morning, a rep for the couple confirmed the news to People magazine. The pair have been dating since 2007 and say they always knew children would be in their future. "They’re so excited -- they’re both ecstatic. They can't wait to... Read more

Beverley Mitchell is Pregnant With Her First Child

Beverley Mitchell_4
This morning, Beverley Mitchell, star of the Secret Life of the American Teenager (if you're nostalgic like, us, you probably also know her from 7th Heaven) announced that she is expecting her first child in April. She explains her first signs of pregnancy: "My sense of smell was off the charts, to the point where I could smell... Read more