Mercedes R. Donis

Mercedes lives in Scotland with her husband and boy/girl twins. She likes to read and eat chocolate cake-in-a-mug. She is the author of the ebook Twin Manibreasto: A Success Story of Milk & Multiples, and blogs at Project ProcrastiNOT, where she writes about mothering twins and confronts her issues with chronic procrastination.

What to Buy (and What to Skip!) When It Comes to Multiples

Photo: Apartment Therapy / The BumpPhoto: Apartment Therapy / The Bump
It’s easy to get swept into a buying frenzy when you find out you’re pregnant with multiples.  The confirmation of pregnancy brings a unique and overwhelming sense of excitement mixed with panic for any woman. Add another baby to the mix and the emotions just intensify! While your first instinct might be to just swipe... Read more

How to Make Reasonable New Year’s Resolutions as a New Parent

baby and momPhoto: Jecamean / The Bump
It’s hardly shocking that some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions are also the most commonly broken. Personally, I’ve always treated my resolutions as projects to undertake.  So “exercising” meant adopting a specific regimen and losing X number of pounds, “eating healthy” meant learning certain recipes or incorporating a new ingredient, and “more crafts”... Read more

The Best Advice for New Moms (That’s the Hardest to Follow!)

It's three in the afternoon, and your new baby is asleep. How do you spend the time? a.  Tackle a pile of laundry or unload the dishwasher b.  Pump to build your freezer stash of breast milk c.  Nap d.  Shower or go to the bathroom If you're like me, you may not do any... Read more

When Will My Baby’s Eyes Change Color?

Photo by: Gloria RubioPhoto by: Gloria Rubio
In high school, I learned about genes by studying eye color. One's inheritance of big B's and little b's determine whether their eyes will be light or dark. It was all so simple!  I assumed my babies' eye color would be just as straightforward -- my husband and I both have dark eyes. But it's... Read more

My Ring Finally Fits Again! And Other Postpartum Milestones

Engagement ring
Since my twins were born, I can say that my Instagram feed has one subject and one subject only: babies. And it's not just me -- my mom and my sisters watch and document their every move via some sort of device, whether it's a phone, camera or iPod. Baby milestones are important! But I... Read more

DIY Newborn Photography: How to Avoid Taking Bad Pictures

Photo: iStockPhoto: iStock
Photography is one of the things I'd love to be good at. Newborn photography is so precious and such a big thing right now. I love looking up "newborn photo props" on Etsy and seeing all the things people come up with. For some reason, my husband and I went the DIY route with newborn... Read more

My Twins’ Birth: The Most Important Day I Won’t Remember

newborn twins
Tell us about the day we were born, I often imagine my children saying to me one day. Before my babies were born, I romanticized about the delivery and I saw myself sharing my glory story with family and friends, even writing blog posts about my birth story and speedy recovery. The truth is, it... Read more

Twin Goals of a Twin Pregnancy: Stay Positive and Keep Those Babies Baking!

Photo: Nicole DonisPhoto: Nicole Donis
What an exciting time to write my first guest post for The Bump! Today I'm officially 36 weeks pregnant with twins. I have so many different emotions regarding my pregnancy and feel so happy to share my experiences with you. My name is Mercedes and I am a housewife/homemaker/future first-time-stay-at-home mom/whatever else you'd like... Read more