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Should Hospitals Really Lock Away the Formula?

baby bottleVeer
In a move that’s sure to add fuel to the great breast vs. formula debate, the New York City Health Department will soon launch a new breastfeeding initiative that will affect new mothers city-wide. Beginning Sept. 3, the voluntary “Latch On NYC” program will allow maternity hospitals to lock away infant formula for... Read more

Team USA: Our Favorite Olympian Moms

Olympian Moms
Between the grueling training sessions and never-ending travel, it seems the the professional life of an Olympic athlete is anything but easy. But imagine how much harder you'd have to work for that gold medal around your neck if there was a diaper bag on your arm. While watching the London games this week, we... Read more

Fever During Labor? It’s Not Because of the Epidural

pregnant belly stethoscopeVeer
Did you know you might get a fever during labor? In the past, it's been suggested that epidural analgesia (the pain meds) is what causes laboring moms to burn up, but a new study in the August issue of Anesthesiology provides some surprising insight into the cause of maternal intrapartum fever (MIF). University of... Read more

Would You Hire a Bed Rest Concierge?

Photo: Jose Luis Pelaez / The BumpPhoto: Jose Luis Pelaez / The Bump
Expectant moms can become impatient during the nine month wait to meet their newborn, but imagine if you spent twenty-six weeks (that's 182 days!) of your pregnancy on bed rest. That's what happened to Stephanie Johnson in late 2010 when her doctor ordered immediate and prolonged bed rest after complications with her first pregnancy.... Read more

The Nannies of 90210 Share Their Stories

Photo: Poptower.comPhoto: Poptower.com
Sure, you occasionally daydream about the monetary benefits of being a Beverly Hills housewife, but have you ever considered the personal lives of the nannies who care for their kids? In what's sure to be our newest guilty pleasure, ABC Family recently premiered Beverly Hills Nannies -- a reality show chronicling the perks of being... Read more

It’s a Girl for Uma Thurman!

Photo: Signaturehits.comPhoto: Signaturehits.com
Not only is Uma Thurman a tough-hitting action star, but the Kill Bill actress is now a mother of three! The Smash star and her French financier beau, Arpad Busson, welcomed a baby girl on Sunday, July 15. Although their daughter's name hasn't been released yet, a source confirmed the baby girl's arrival, stating that... Read more

Is This the True Cause of Colic?

Baby Crying
Any parent with a colicky baby will tell you that dealing with colic is heartbreaking, aggravating and, well, pretty much your worst nightmare. Thankfully, a recent study shed some light on a possible cause of colic among newborns. Researcher Dr. Abdelrazak Mansour Ali from Cairo studied 55 infants of varying age,... Read more

Is Sex the Cure for Morning Sickness? (Probably Not, But It May Be Worth a Shot)

Photo: Getty Images / The BumpPhoto: Getty Images / The Bump
In news that's sure to excite your partner, a psychologist is theorizing that the cause of -- and cure for -- morning sickness is none other than your baby's father. More specifically, his semen. According to Slate, Gordon Gallup of SUNY-Albany Gallup argues that since half of a baby's genetic makeup belongs to... Read more

New Reason to Get a Dog: Baby May Get Sick Less

Do you tote antibacterial wipes in your diaper bag? A new study may convince you to swap out the sanitizer for a house pet. In the Finnish study, published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers studied nearly 400 babies from birth throughout their first year. They focused on the respiratory health of the infants in... Read more

Hot Baby Name: Penelope!

Kourtney Kardashian
With all of the talk surrounding the birth of Penelope Scotland -- the latest addition to the Kardashian-Disick clan -- we couldn't help but be intrigued by the newborn's unusual name. Let's face it: it isn't too often you encounter a Penelope, let alone a Scotland (which we can only assume is after... Read more