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Sarah is an enthusiastic mama who loves decorating, cooking, stylish things, her husband, their son, and their two chihuahuas. She's currently writing about being a mom, transforming their home, and all of the adventures in between. Follow her on twitter @ MrsKulchar and make sure to stop by her blog, Little House Charming!

My Baby’s Firsts are Happening Way Too Fast!

Photo: Sarah @ When Regarding Ruffles / The BumpPhoto: Sarah @ When Regarding Ruffles / The Bump

One thing that I did not expect from motherhood was how quickly our little babies change, grow, and develop. Everyone tells you to cherish every moment because it goes by so fast but until I had a child of my own I never fully understood.

Being a mom requires you to...

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6 Moments You Need to Let Dad Have With Baby

baby, dad and baby bonding, bath timePhoto: When Regarding Ruffles / The Bump

Do you melt when you see your partner interact with baby? I know I do. One of the most rejuvenating and touching things is to watch my husband spend time with our son. My husband is patient, playful, and attentive (maybe I am biased but I think Read more

8 Tips For Decorating a Hip Nursery On a Budget

hip nursery
How did you save money on your nursery? Read more

Funny Things That Happen After Baby Arrives

Dad burping baby!
Let me share a funny story.  A few weeks ago, my husband, baby boy, and I were traveling to see family across the state.  My son was still nursing every two hours or so (still is!) and we were looking at a three-hour car drive ahead of us.  Without getting into too many details, my... Read more

5 Baby Products That Work For Mom, Too!

Sarah @ When Regarding Ruffles and Baby Asa
Have you looked around your house lately and thought, "Where did all of this baby stuff come from?" Well, here's great news. Some of your little one's stuff will work for you, too! Check out how to use these products for you and your baby. Baby powder. Baby powder might become your next best friend. Traditionally,... Read more

A Working Mom’s Morning Routine

Mom hard at work
I'm still pretty new at this whole mom thing, but one thing that I've learned so far is that mornings will forever be a bit more chaotic. If I thought that getting to work on time was challenging before our baby was born, then this is a whole new hurdle to jump over. I have... Read more

4 Things You Should Know About Vaginal Deliveries

mom and newborn
1. There is no normal.

When I was pregnant it seemed as if I was wearing a huge sign that said, "Please tell me all about your personal experiences with having a baby." This happened to me constantly! Whether I was at work, church, the grocery store, or a public bathroom, there was always a...

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