Shannon Guyton

Shannon is the Site Director of and mom to Nathan (9) and Sophia (7), who think she is the craziest mom they know (she takes this as a compliment.) From colic to breastfeeding issues, epic tantrums to poop rockets, stay home mom to working mom - she has seen it all and lives (barely) to tell. You can follow her on Twitter @shannonguyton.

What I Really Want for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday (woo-hoo!) And while I know there’s a movement to ban Mother’s Day, I’m counting down to this day for moms like a kid looking forward to going to Disneyland. Even if I did ban it in my house and treated the day as any other, my kids are really... Read more

Am I the Only Mom Who Isn’t Obsessed With Fifty Shades of Grey?

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I’m fashionably late to the Fifty Shades party. My mom friends have buzzed about it for weeks, calling it the best love story they’ve ever read. Husbands everywhere are celebrating the sizzling effects they’ve seen in the bedroom as a result of their wives reading it. Personally, I gravitate toward haunting non-fiction memoirs by triumphant... Read more

The Coolest New Baby Gear from the ABC Spring 2012 Show

Photo: Courtesy of the ManufacturerPhoto: Courtesy of the Manufacturer
We got to check out the newest baby products last week at the 2012 All Baby & Child Spring Educational Conference in Las Vegas. Get a sneak peek at what we found. Read more

Want to be a Happier Mom? Get More Texts

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I send/receive (over 1,000) an embarrassing amount of texts a month (I’m on Sprint’s inexpensive “all you can eat” plan). But wait, before you gasp in horror, read this study that finds people who get more texts are happier. As one of the “texting pioneers” (I started texting in the summer of 2003), I... Read more

Separation Anxiety: You Can Check Out But You Can Never Leave

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
Two hours. That’s all I was asking for, to go get my kid-induced gray hair colored (a hot new plum shade!) Two hours, out of a whole weekend. When my daughter heard I was leaving, she started bawling as if I was never going to come back, as if she hadn’t seen me in months. ... Read more

Tasty Thursday: Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Photo: Economy Bites / The NestPhoto: Economy Bites / The Nest
Quick – what’s your favorite food of all time? I’m willing to bet many of you (and your kids) would answer like me, macaroni and cheese. When I was a kid, I was all about the basic boxed Kraft version.  In junior high in fact, my friend and I would make a box and then... Read more

Niceness is in the DNA (Oh, That’s Why My Kid is Being a Grump)

Photo: Shannon GuytonPhoto: Shannon Guyton
I’ve wondered since the day they were born why my two kids are so different. My son Nathan, who is extraordinary in many ways, was also born intense, brooding and pessimistic (see above pic of him with his best friend – it tells all). My daughter Sophia, born just 2 years later, was all joyful... Read more

Welcome to the Grumpy Pregnancy Club

Veer / The BumpVeer / The Bump
See the picture above of the positively radiant, super cute, and healthy pregnant gal?  Yah, that’s not me. I was not a perky pregnant person.  I was known as the “swollen one” in my Lamaze class.  The acid that percolated in my throat was only just a little more comfortable than the heart palpitations beating... Read more