Shelby Barone

Shelby Barone is a freelance writer and mom of three young children living in Orange County. She blogs daily about her family at Felt Stories and local events at the OC Mom Blog.

How to Prep Your Kids for the Holidays: Teach Them Manners

Photo: United Way / The BumpPhoto: United Way / The Bump
With family and friends attending holiday dinners, manners are on the minds of many parents. There is more to manners than just polite social behavior. Manners can help encourage children to respect and treat others like themselves. Here are a few tips on the best way to nurture good manners in your children during this... Read more

I Adopted My Kids, and I Am Their Real Mother

Mom holding toddler son on couchGetty
"What about their real mother?" This is a question that many adoptive mothers hear on a regular basis when the subject of their child's adoption is brought up. It's normally never said in the context of hate or maliciousness, but as an adoptive mother I tend to cringe every time I hear it. Why? Because... Read more

Then, There Was Silence

Photo: Shelby BaronePhoto: Shelby Barone
I have three kids, all twenty-two months apart. For the past ten years, I've begged my husband almost every night for a little break so I could enjoy just a few wee seconds of silence. There were stacks of diapers, mounds of dirty clothes and a sea of dirty dishes that seemed like it would... Read more

I Let My Toddler Play with My iPhone and It (Almost) Cost Me $430

Photo: Shelby BaronePhoto: Shelby Barone
Everywhere I go it seems like there is always a toddler playing on their parent's iPhone -- in the grocery store, doctor's office and even at the school drop-off. Everywhere. The iPhone has quickly become "entertainment on-the-go" for toddlers. Over the years, I've tried to keep my toddler away from my iPhone (that has always... Read more

Kid-Friendly Recipe: Grilled Caprese Chicken

grilled chicken caprese
To me, a parent's best tool for creating healthy meals for their family is a grill. Almost anything can be made on a grill including pizza, fruits and even pound cake (yes really!). With only a short time left before the cold weather comes, this is an excellent time to take advantage of your grill... Read more