Shayna Ferm & Tracey Tee

Since 2012, comedians Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee have performing their hilarious two-person comedy show, "The Pump and Dump: A Parentally Incorrect Comedy Show and Night Out, For Once" to sold out crowds. In 2014, The success of their show lead to the launch of a new line of gifts for moms to give to other moms, and a movement called The Mom to Mom Project, which encourages moms to tell each other they are awesome ( Shayna and Tracey both live in Denver with their kids, husbands and dogs. Occasionally they're able to shower in privacy.

Moms in Comedy: A List for 2015

Pump an Dump ladies on bikesCrystal Allen Photography
Meet Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee, the ladies behind The Pump and Dump Validation Tour. These Denver-based moms are here to remind you that even on your worst parenting day, you're doing a great job. And whether it's via song at their parentally-incorrect live comedy shows or via blog post on The Bump,... Read more

The Pump & Dump Answers Your Burning Parenting Questions

Pump and Dump
We do our best at The Bump to answer all your pregnancy and parenting questions, but sometimes, even we need a fresh perspective. So we called in our friends Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee from the Pump and Dump Show. We think it's exactly what you need to hear. Q: "I’m having a... Read more

Moms Confess the Most F-cked Up Things Their Kids Did

Pump and Dump Card NYCThe Pump and Dump
We love our kids -- that's a given. But the truth is parenting can be pretty f*cked up. At the Pump and Dump show we offer laughter and commiseration so you can go back home knowing full heartedly that you are not alone. If you think your kid does crazy, messed up stuff,... Read more

Lies You Tell Yourself Before You Have A Baby

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There are many surprises that come with having your first child. Everyone tells you that you'll never really be prepared, and we bet you never believed it until you realized you were never prepared.  The poop, the spit up, the exhaustion... these are surprises. But so are the lies we told ourselves before we became... Read more

10 Reasons You’re An Awesome Mom

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It’s about that time for Mother’s Day! Time to stop and reflect that what you do is hard work. People who say this is easy are either lying or are crazy rich, and this list isn't for them anyway. So moms, here are ten reasons why you should celebrate that you made it another year:... Read more