Danielle Koubaro

I'm learning to balance motherhood, marriage, and work while still trying to squeeze in time for a pedicure every now-and-again. Honest and candid stories and tips - I share what I've done well, what I've done wrong, and what I plan to do better. Here is to hoping that readers can commensurate with my journey through motherhood or at least find some humor in my writing. Find me on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Waiting4Tuesday and on Twitter: @waiting4tuesday

6 Things I Loved and 5 More I Hated About Going Back to Work After Baby

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Many people have asked me how life has settled since returning back to work three weeks ago. Most wonder if it is more difficult to leave home after having your second child and many want to know if it’s possible to be productive at work when your baby still isn’t sleeping through the... Read more

6 Things Every First-Time Mama Must Do Before Baby Arrives

There are so many things that change once you have your first child, and it is some of the smaller pleasantries (think showers and clean clothes!) in life that go unappreciated until they become absent or difficult to accomplish. Here is a short list of a few things I suggest moms-in-waiting do now... Read more

Why Taking Care of My Health Is More Important Now That I’m a Mom

My mom came to visit our girls recently and while wearing a tank top she noticed what appeared to be a penny-sized mole on my right shoulder blade. She immediately asked if I knew what it was, and when I told her I didn’t she sternly said, “Danielle, you are a mom now. You have... Read more

How to Be a Good Friend to a New Mom

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I’ve been the friend-to-the-new-mom and the new mom. And I’ve learned that until you are a mother -- until you have experienced the pain and emotional heartache that comes with everything postpartum; until you have gone through weeks and months of virtually no sleep; until you have cried while your baby has cried -- you... Read more

Why We Tamed My Daughter’s Tantrums Early (Before It Was Too Late)

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
At around a year and a half old, my daughter had my husband and I losing patience. We were unsure of how to manage her new-found rebellious side. Her dinner was constantly being fed to the dog or tossed on the floor; her body was regularly thrown on the ground in fits of madness; and... Read more

Why We Broke Up With Our Baby’s Pediatrician (and Why I’m So Glad We Did)

Months before my firstborn was due, I researched and spoke to local moms about which pediatric practice they chose and why. I also scheduled three separate meet and greets at the physicians’ offices we were considering. I asked questions such as: How many doctors are part of this practice? Do you offer same-day sick appointments?... Read more

14 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Breastfeeding

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
A little over 2 years ago, I set out to breastfeed my first born. I couldn't ask my mother for advice because when my mom had me, breastfeeding was not the norm. There was a lack of education on the benefits of breast milk and many were considered “poor” if they breastfed because people assumed... Read more

My Biggest Fear in Having Baby Number 2 (and Why I Shouldn’t Have Worried)

Hours leading up to the delivery of my second baby girl, I still questioned my ability to love and connect with another child as much as I had with my first born. Months ago, I wrote that my second pregnancy  hadn’t been a connected love-fest of diary entries and soft sung lullabies. It was filled... Read more

Why I Stopped Caring About What to Name My Baby Girl

Photo: Downtown Magazine NYC / The BumpPhoto: Downtown Magazine NYC / The Bump
Like many little girls that envision their wedding day long before they find their prince charming and walk down the aisle, I dreamed of naming my children at an early age.  Whether in dance class, at the park, or while watching a movie, my ears were keen to baby names that I would one day... Read more

I Am Pregnant (aka a Message for Dads-to-Be)

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I am pregnant. My already large breasts have grown to the size of two cantaloupes. My nipples look like they have met a tanning bed. I haven’t seen my vagina in weeks, and I have bright blue veins running the length of my body. Remind me of my beauty. Help me embrace my... Read more