Obesity Can Trigger Extremely Preterm Birth, Study Says

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Extreme preterm births, or those before 28 weeks of pregnancy, could be caused by obesity, according to a new study compiled by researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine. In general, a preterm birth is defined as any birth before 37 weeks. Most occur sometime between 28 and 37 weeks, but giving birth before... read more

Want to Raise an Athlete? Give Birth In the Fall

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Are you convinced that your growing baby is destined to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Maria Sharapova? Then you'd better hope that your due date is during the autumn months, according to a new study conducted by the Centre for Sports and Exercise Science at Essex University. Kids between the ages of 10 and... read more

Having a Baby After 33 Can Help You Live Longer

Having a baby after age 33? Your longevity is looking good. A new study out of Boston University Medical Center found that women who are able to naturally get pregnant after age 33 tend to live longer. The genetic variants that allow for these later pregnancies seem to also facilitate long lifespans. "The natural ability to... read more

Air Pollution, Pesticide Exposure Linked to Autism

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The cause of autism isn’t really known -- it could be a mix of things like genes, medications and environmental factors. Even your pregnancy diet may have an effect on your baby's chances of being born with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). But a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health found that a... read more

The Newest Way to Uncover Fertility Problems? Bubbles! (Yep, You Read That Right)

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One of the biggest roadblocks to becoming pregnant is often just that -- a roadblock. Fallopian tubal blockage, actually. Most doctors do an X-Ray HSG to see if such blockage exists in a patient, but the process is often incredibly uncomfortable for women, which keeps a lot of patients from undergoing the procedure. Fertility specialists at... read more

New Device Helps Boost IVF Odds

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It's no secret that attempting to create a test tube baby with IVF is a difficult and tedious process. A single attempt can cost upwards of $17,000, and only one-third of IVF cycles stick. If you're having trouble conceiving naturally, however, the process of IVF is about to get a little easier. The FDA recently... read more

Introducing Three-Parent IVF

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You've heard of sperm donors and surrogate mothers, but what about female mitochondria donors? It's only in the research stage right now, but it could be a new part of IVF in two years. The process is called mitochondrial replacement, or "three-parent" IVF. Why three? The baby will have genes from its mother, father,... read more

Successful IVF Just Got Quicker and Cheaper

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If you're going through IVF, chances are you already know all about embryo screening. Doctors can comb through DNA to find risks for abnormalities and diseases prior to implantation, and pick the best embryos to transfer. The IVF process isn't cheap; one cycle typically costs $12,400. But a new screening process is looking to... read more

The Social Factor That Makes You More Likely to Get Pregnant

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"Everyone's doing it!" may not have been a valid excuse for hopping on trends in high school, but it seems to be enough to get women to think about babies post-graduation. A new study published in the American Sociological Review found that women are more likely to have a baby after finding out their friends... read more

How What You Ate Before Pregnancy Affects Baby

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You've always known you're supposed to eat healthy, but being conscious of your choices is easier when you're eating for two. Kudos to you if you cut out the chips and candy before getting a positive pregnancy test; a study out of the University of Adelaide in Australia just confirmed that a healthy pre-pregnancy diet has amazing benefits for birth.... read more