6 Subtle Ways to Work Floral Accents Into Baby’s Nursery

Loving all the floral designs you’ve seen lately? Us too. But is there a way to incorporate these colorful creations into your nursery space without it looking like someone puked up gardenias and roses all over the walls and the carpeting? Yep! From lamps and wallpaper to plush pillows and bedding, your baby’s nursery is about to get one big bouquet of a makeover (and we’ll show you how).

Check it out:

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You won't stick these in baby's bed (they're not safe!), but you'll want one of these plush puffs for your rocker -- especially when you've been up nursing half the night! In white, they work in a girl's or boy's room.

Chiffon Floral Decorative Pillow & Insert, Starting at $52

How did you incorporate fun accents into your baby’s room?

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10 Spring-Inspired Picks to Brighten Up Your Baby Gear

In search of a little bit of a colorful pick-me-up now that the warmer weather is hopefully on its way? We are too. So, time to stow away those drab winter darks and swap ‘em out for a perky pop of personality — and color!

Check out 10 products we’re loving these days for their sunny shades:

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Bloomin' Blossoms

This dirty-diaper tote is anything but boring.

Get it now

Do you have seasonal baby gear? What are your shopping tips?

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7 Pieces We Love From the New Kardashian Kids Collection

Happy Kardashian Kids day, peeps! The much-buzzed about line for little girls aged 0-24 months has finally hit the Interwebz (a day early, I might add) at Babies ‘R Us — and it’s actually pretty damn cute! Not like we didn’t expect the clothes (inspired by Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian) to be anything but stylish, but still, we were a little taken back by how much we love the line.

The layettes, dresses, sacks and accessories are sweet and delicate, with lots of white, gold polka-dots and butterfly-inspired patterns and prints. And yes, for those wondering, the line does come with some leopard print (it wouldn’t be Kardashian without it!). The online unveiling comes a day before the reported March 15 launch of the line in stores, so get ready to shop ’til you drop!

Check out a few of our favorite picks:

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Butterflies a-Buzzin'

Make way for one fashionable little lady.

White Butterfly Print Georgette Sleeveless Creeper, $23

What’s your favorite baby line?

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