Mom Breastfeeding In Public Gets Mugged

Fort Tryon ParkShutterstock
“I’m trying not to breastfeed outside anymore." That's the word from 39-year-old Elena Sobina, who was mugged at knifepoint in a Manhattan park on Oct. 30. Her six month old, Kelly, had just fallen asleep while nursing around 5:30 p.m. in Washington Heights's Fort Tryon park. “I was very relaxed,” Sobina, who likes the neighborhood because... Read more

The First Photo Of Viral 'Baby Buns' Is Here

Baby Buns preemie photoFacebook
The 'bun in the oven' baby is ready for his closeup! For the first time, mom Dana Griffin-Graves shared a photo of her miracle preemie, born at 23 weeks. "Look at his precious little feet and long toes!" she captions the Facebook photo, letting followers know baby Kaleb is feeding every two hours and having regular bowel... Read more

Judge Tells Mom She's Not Allowed To Breastfeed In Courtroom

willow brooks with sonFrancis Cambell/Truro Bureau
You’d expect a judge of all people to err on the right side of the law, but one Canadian on the bench made a bad judgment call about breastfeeding in his courtroom. Last month, 22-year-old Willow Brooks arrived to a courtroom with her 4-month-old son Angelo to support her boyfriend who was facing charges. When she realized... Read more

It's Time to Love Your C-Section Scar

c-section scariStock
A recent story on fetal cells made me cry. There's a lot of cool science on fetal cells—how they can be found throughout a mother's body for the rest of her life, for example, or how they can help moms fight things like breast cancer. (There's also, to be fair, some creepy stuff, like how... Read more

Women Donate Breastmilk To Feed Baby After His Mother Dies

shelby leigh pressleyShelby Leigh Pressley
It's often said it takes a village to raise a child. And in Williamsburg, Virginia, a group of women have rallied together to make sure one 4-month-old boy can continue his breast milk diet after his mother suddenly passed away. Last Saturday, after a trick-or-treating-filled afternoon with her infant son Jayce and 2-year-old daughter Peyton, 22-year-old Shelby... Read more

Stranger Rescues Baby From NYC Subway Tracks

Baby sitting in stroller on subwayFacebook
Braving public transportation with baby is always a harrowing experience. But one New York City grandmother's commute escalated into a true emergency when her one-year-old granddaughter fell out of the stroller and onto the tracks. The Daily News reports Pamela Ferrell was carrying her granddaughter's stroller off the subway in Times Square with... Read more

The Heartbreaking Reason Babies Shouldn't Sleep In Car Seats

newborn in car seatShutterstock
When used properly, car seats are life-saving pieces of baby gear no parent would dream of not having. But for one Oklahoma family, a car seat tragically proved deadly. At 11 weeks old, Shepard Dodd was put to sleep in an unbuckled car seat, placed on the floor in a home day... Read more

Kansas City Royals Ben Zobrist Won't Miss World Series For Baby's Birth

Kansas City Royals's Ben Zobrist at batGetty
Two games into the World Series, the Kansas City Royals are two games ahead of the New York Mets. The stakes are high. A title's on the line. But will one player bow out, stepping up to the plate as a new dad? Midseason addition Ben Zobrist, whose postseason batting average of .347 shines above the gold... Read more

Parents Honor Their Dying Daughter's End-Of-Life Choice

At 5 years old, Julianna Snow has been to the hospital enough times to know that it’s not a place she wants to return. Even if it means that it could prolong her life. So she’s asked her parents if she could go to heaven instead, and they are adhering to her wishes. Julianna has... Read more

Yelp, But For Maternity Leave Policies

Fairygodboss graphicFairygodboss
"Should I ask in an interview what a company's maternity leave policies are like?" Women in their 20s and 30s, maybe not trying to get pregnant at all, feel stuck just knowing this could be coming down the pike. Ask, and you're labeled with a huge CAUTION sign: "Warning! About to Get Pregnant! Do Not... Read more