First Comes Baby In The Baby Carriage

baby feet with wedding ringsShutterstock
You know the saying: First comes love, then comes marriage… And you also know that this life stage trajectory is less common than it used to be. Many couples are choosing to have a baby before getting married, and the good news is that they’re staying together at the same rate as couples who follow... Read more

Celebrate The Most Popular Birth Date With The Birthday Party Project

Happy birthday! We're counting on our warm wishes resonating with at least a few readers (or their new babies), since today, September 16, is the most common birthday in the United States. You know what that means...parents are getting especially busy around the holidays. Harvard researchers examined birth records from 1973 and 1999 to determine... Read more

Twin Sisters Each Pregnant With Twins, Again

Twin sisters are each pregnant with twins for the second timeAP
Kelli Wall and Kerri Bunker have quite a bit in common. They teach at the same school. Their husbands are best friends. They're twins. And they're each expecting their second set of twins, due two weeks apart. "It's a unique story, because I always felt like my twin sister and I had a... Read more

Dad Has No Idea He Ran Over His Toddler

UK family with dad who ran over toddler sonJamie Ellison via Facebook
Imagine coming home to find paramedics treating your toddler. Imagine later finding out you caused the injuries. That was the case for one UK dad, who inadvertently -- and unknowingly -- backed over his 15-month-old son AJ while taking his daughters to school. As he returned to his Gloucestershire home, an angry and confused Jamie... Read more

Yikes! Marshalls Employee Asks Woman To Breastfeed In Bathroom Stall

Woman breastfeeding in Marshalls bathroomKarina Gomez via Facebook
Marshalls is doing some serious damage control after an employee disregarded company policy, asking a customer to breastfeed in the restroom. Karina Gomez posted a photo of herself nursing in a bathroom stall on the Marshalls Facebook page, stating that she was asked to leave a dressing room while breastfeeding. "I am angry, upset, but... Read more

Breastfeeding Military Moms Lead Their Own Boobolution

Army moms breastfeeding in uniformTara Ruby
  After creating a space dedicated to nursing, the Fort Bliss army base is experiencing its own Boobolution. And thanks to photographer Tara Ruby --  a former air force member herself -- the news was is being virally depicted. Ruby's mission started out simply enough; photograph a military mom breastfeeding to hang in the new... Read more

One Year Later, Mom Celebrates Newborn Saving Her Life

cawley-family-hospital-staffShelly Ann Cawley via Facebook
Baby’s first birthday is an important milestone and celebration of life for any parents. But for North Carolina mom Shelly Cawley, it’s also a one-year celebration of her life. Last September, then-23-year-old nursing student Cawley experienced complications during labor that resulted in an emergency c-section and left her in a coma. And it’s because of... Read more

Girl Who Is ‘Just Like Serena Williams’ Will Get To See Her Idol Play

mimi-harris-serena-williams-viral-videoKimberly J. Harris via Facebook
When mom Kimberly Harris uploaded a video to Facebook of her three-year-old daughter proudly explaining how she played tennis with her daddy “just like Serena Williams,” little did she know that a meet-and-greet between her daughter and the actual Serena Williams is now set to be one of the most-anticipated matches of the week. In... Read more

Mom With ALS Fights To Breastfeed Baby

Mom with ALS breastfeeds her newborn baby girl.Facebook
Breastfeeding a newborn is par for the course for most moms after delivery. But for Amanda Bernier, it was a miracle. The 29-year-old was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ALS in the early stages of pregnancy. Bernier was hoping the muscle twitches she was experiencing were not symptomatic of ALS, which claimed the lives of... Read more

Mom Of Three Flaunts Bikini In Crowd To Promote Self-Acceptance

Mom strips down to bikini in public place for social experimentAmy Pence-Brown via Instagram
Stripped down to a bikini, a mom of three stood blindfolded in a crowded Boise, Idaho marketplace. Holding magic markers, she encouraged passersby to take one, and draw a heart on her body to promote self-acceptance. Amy Pence-Brown got way more than she bargained for. The 39-year-old is a self-described body-positive activist, who "was a chubby... Read more