Is Netflix's New Parental Leave Policy Bad For Women?

Netflix maternity leave policyShutterstock
In case you were completely away from the interweb last week, I'll catch you up real quick: Netflix announced that it is offering its employees -- male and female -- unlimited, paid parental leave following a birth or adoption. Everyone has gone nuts over this news. It's a sign of things to come.... Read more

Target Says Goodbye To 'Boy' ​And 'Girl' Toy Categories

target storefrontShutterstock
Target has something new in store: a gender-free toy section. In a move similar to Amazon, Target is eliminating "girl" and "boy" distinctions in its toys, home and entertainment sections. Not only does that mean no more gender references, but the removal of any pink, blue, yellow or green paper on the... Read more

Instagram Makes Things Right After Taking Down Birthing Photographer's Pics

Couple toasting water birthMelissa Jean Photography
Just a quick scroll through Australian photographer Melissa Jean Wilbraham's Instagram -- MelissaJeanBabies -- reveals photos of motherhood ranging from glamorous to graphic. From breastfeeding to home births, she shares it all. But Instagram didn't seem to approve; it deactivated her account. As the official baby photographer of Australia's The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, Wilbraham wasn't just... Read more

Girl With Terminal Cancer Has A Final Birthday Bash For The Books

Dad proposing to terminally-ill 5-year-old daughterFacebook
The "most important" day of your life changes meaning as you get older. And knowing their daughter likely won't experience important milestones like prom or a wedding, the parents of 5-year-old Lila May Schow threw her an all-encompassing birthday bash -- one that will likely be her last. Lila was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma at... Read more

Netflix Offers 'Unlimited' Parental Leave For All

Netflix HeadquartersiStock
Unlimited paid parental leave is the new unlimited vacation days. At least, if you work at Netflix. Yesterday the video streaming service announced a milestone initiative: immediate plans to expand maternity and paternity leave. The new policy allows parents to take as much paid time off as they want—at their normal pay—for up... Read more

Sunscreen Saga: A Defense From Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba speakingGetty
Attention The Honest Company sunscreen users: Jessica Alba is here for you. But whether or not the brand is going to do anything about their potentially faulty sunscreen formula is still unclear. After a slew of complaints from users reporting horrible sunburns after using the product, the company initially issued a statement backing... Read more

Has Your Family Been Burned After Using This Sunscreen?

Sunburn from The Honest Company sunscreenThe Honest Company/Amazon
Sold out online, The Honest Company's popular sunscreen is touted for being non-toxic and eco-friendly. But it might not be effective. A string of consumers have posted serious complaints regarding serious burns after using The Honest Company sunscreen. The company, co-founded by Jessica Alba, is known for its non-toxic products... Read more

JetBlue Kicks Family Of Crying Toddler Off Plane

The Doshi family was kicked off a JetBlue flightMona Doshi
"I can turn this plane around." That's what a JetBlue flight attendant reportedly told a passenger as she tried to prepare her 2-year-old son for takeoff. And then the flight attendant followed through. The Doshi family was flying from Boston to Baltimore on their way back from vacation. On the trip out, a flight attendant... Read more

Watch Officer Smash Car Window To Rescue Toddler From Hot Minivan

Police officer rescuing toddler from hot carRafael Rodriguez II
By the time New Jersey's Bergen County Sheriff’s officer Rich Carrion found the little girl locked in a hot car yesterday afternoon, she was already drenched in sweat. A crowd had gathered around the minivan in the Costco parking lot and a store employee alerted police, leading to the dramatic rescue caught on video. Carrion used... Read more

Donald Trump Was Right: Removing A Liquid From Your Body At Work Is Disgusting

Donald Trump calls breast pumping mom 'disgusting'Thinkstock
Meet Jessica Shortall, a working mom with a career dedicated to the intersection of business and doing good. As the former Director of Giving for TOMS Shoes, she literally circumnavigated the globe with a breast pump. Pre-order her upcoming book by Abrams, “Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back... Read more