You Can't Rain On This Baby's Parade

Dad holds baby in the rainYouTube
The kids are headed back to school and summer's coming to an end. It's time to focus on soaking up every last drop of the season -- rain or shine. Harper's here to give us a lesson in exactly that. Dad Don Swift uploaded a video to YouTube of his daughter experiencing rain for the first... Read more

Mom's Got Talent: 5 Skills Parents Want To Pass On To Their Kids

America's Got Talent dancing kidsAmerica's Got Talent
As a parent, you want your kids to be just like you, only better. Just like dad, you hope your little quarterback will lead the Pee Wee team all the way to States, right? Or maybe he'll get mom's ability to carry a tune and sing his way to a record deal. No dream is... Read more

​The Hilarious Reason Why These Newborn Photo Shoots Went Viral

Dad and baby newborn photo shootGigi O'Dea Photography/Facebook
In a perfect world, your angelic new baby would curl up in a peaceful pose and sleep his way through a newborn shoot. There would probably be some sort of crochet clothing involved. These three families do not live in a perfect world. First, meet Mark Resnick and his seven-day-old son Asher. After about an hour of... Read more

Watch Boy's Hilarious Reaction to Mom's Pregnancy: 'I Hope You're Not Joking'

Boy finds out he's going to be a big brotherFacebook
Is it the British accent? His polite articulation? His disbelief? Maybe it's the whole package, but 5-year-old Ethan's reaction to becoming a big brother might just be the best we've seen yet. "Is it in your belly? Are you really having a baby? Is it in there?" he fires off a litany of questions for mom... Read more

Super Lice: How To Protect Your Kids

When you hear that a "super mutant" strain of lice has been found in 25 states, you probably don't feel great about sending your child off to school or daycare, where contagion takes on a super mutant speed of its own. Every year, about 12 million kids between the ages of 3 and... Read more

The Secret To A Better Sex Life? Try Splitting The Chores

couple in bedThinkstock
You wash, he dries? Turns out divvying up the chores can pay dividends in the bedroom. Using data from the 2006 Marital and Relationship Survey (MARS), researchers at Georgia State University found that heterosexual couples who split childcare duties have better relationships and sex lives than those who don't. For the purposes of the Read more

Photographer Captures Conjoined Twins Before Surgery

brazil-conjoined-twinsMateus André
For photographer Mateus André, an unexpected encounter turned into a moving family photoshoot. While visiting Goiânia, Brazil, he came across a news story about three-month-old conjoined twins from Salvador, Maria Clara and Maria Eduarda. The family is living at Casa do Interior de Goiás in Brazil -- a center where families can live, eat and... Read more

Twins: The Reason You Need A Talk-Back Monitor

Twins on baby monitorFacebook
It pays to have a talk-back video monitor. That's what one mom learned after her twin baby girls tried to get away with gabbing and giggling when they were supposed to be sleeping. In the short clip posted on the mom blogger's Facebook page It's Judy Time, Miya and Keir can be seen standing and... Read more

When His Son Chose An Ariel Doll, This Dad Was Thrilled

Dad reacts to son choosing Ariel dollMikki Willis via Facebook
California flimmaker Mikki Willis's latest video isn't a high-budget production. In fact, it's barely longer than 60 seconds. But it's received millions of views and propelled him to a new level of recognition, all because he's revealed himself to be an accepting father. After his son Azai received a duplicate of a gift, Willis took him to... Read more

The Best (And Worst) First Day Of School Photos

first day of school photoInstagram @brooke.choate
Baby's all grown up and ready for his first day of pre-school -- a Kodak moment waiting to happen. You've been preparing for this day for a few weeks now, and are ready to commemorate it with that DIY back-to-school sign from Pinterest. After multiple trips to the craft store and hours slaving over this sign... Read more