Prepping Your Toddler for a New Sibling

With this new (unnamed) royal baby in the spotlight, our thoughts are turning back to George. How is his royal highness adjusting to life as a big brother? If you're about to bring home baby no. 2, you'll want to help your eldest get ready to no longer be king of the castle. We have... Read more

Those Lunch Box Art Parents? Not So Popular

gloves cartoonBrent Almond via Instagram
Every day, Brent Almond slips a Post-it into his son Jon's lunchbox. And each little square is a true work of art, complete with a professional-level sketch of a superhero or cartoon character with some daily words of wisdom for Jon. And then there's Beau Coffron, the Lunchbox Dad, who creates elaborate... Read more

The Good, the Bad and the Gross: Real Mom Confessions

mom and baby crying
You're a total rockstar parent 99 percent of the time, but in honor of National Honesty Day, let's talk about that other 1 percent. Motherhood can be a bunch of things all at once: rewarding, frustrating, beautiful and disgusting (spit-up and diapers and stains, oh my!). We gathered some of the best Bumpie confessions that... Read more

Where Do Babies Come From? A 7-Year-Old Explains

sophia sex talkYouTube
Dreading giving your kids The Talk? It's an incredibly tricky topic to navigate, especially if you're a gay parent. But don't worry, seven-year-old Sophia can break everything down. “If you’re a kid with two moms and you don’t know how to explain it to other kids or people, this is a video of how you can... Read more

The Pump and Dump Presents: 8 Sad Cake Princess Cakes

ariel cake failPikturePlanet
It’s National Princess Week!  Can you hear the sound of our heads exploding? According to both of our four-year-old daughters, EVERY WEEK is National Princess Week, but now we REALLY have a reason to glitter up and celebrate!  If you're sensing some sarcasm, it's because if we step on one more freaking tiara or hear... Read more

Can Babies Have Seasonal Allergies?

Now that spring is finally here, we've also entered allergy season. So we were wondering: Can babies have seasonal allergies? Pediatrician Jack Maypole, MD, weighs in. "Conventional medical wisdom says babies over a year old can have allergies," he says. "You have to see some seasons before you have symptoms of seasonal allergies!" Look for a trio... Read more

Happy National Princess Week! 10 Of The Cutest Little Princesses Ever

baby sleeping in butterfly bed in natureAndie Freeman Photography
Fittingly sponsored by dame Julie Andrews, we're in the midst of the fourth annual National Princess Week since the idea was cooked up in 2012. "Joining Disney and Target to create National Princess Week is an extension of my work," the actress, singer, author, dancer and mother (phew!) told Target during the event's 2012 debut. "[It's] a moment in... Read more

Vaccinations: What Baby Will Need

baby getting vaccineThinkstock
We know it’s painful to watch baby get poked and even worse to hear the inevitable crying, but immunizations are crucial for their health. If baby is extremely sick, then your pediatrician will probably modify the immunization schedule. Otherwise, baby should get vaccinated on a regular basis. Though some children do suffer from mild reactions... Read more

Find Solace in 'My Kid Can't Eat This' Instagram

picky eaterGetty
Have a picky eater on your hands? Finally, a cathartic way to vent your frustration. We're talking about Instagram, of course. The week-old account My Kid Can't Eat This encourages parents to post photos of rejected food along with the reason why #MyKidCantEatThis. Take a look below. Maybe you, too, have contaminated a banana... Read more

Photographer Captures 'Breastfeeding Goddesses'

breastfeeding in the snowIvette Ivens Photography
Breastfeeding is natural, instinctual, and above all, normal. And while photographer Ivette Ivens sought to normalize breastfeeding by stripping away everything that gets in the way, these amazing photos are anything but normal. Ivens, a mom of two herself, brings her subjects outside to capture breastfeeding in nature. "I want people to look at... Read more