How Did Baby Food Become a Household Staple?

Jar of yellow baby food with twineGetty
Whether it's Gerber brand or your own homemade recipe, baby food is a staple in your household. But did you ever wonder what parents did before Beaba cookers and those little jars of smashed sweet potatoes were at the ready? Baby food as we know it didn't come on the scene until the 1920s.... Read more

Would You Try These Hands-Off Baby Swimming Lessons?

baby in kiddie poolGetty
Memorial Day Weekend means the start of summer! And it's also the end of the CDC's Healthy and Safe Swimming Week. Bottom line? Water safety is becoming high-priority for parents. You know your kids should take swimming lessons, and chances are you've heard of all sorts of baby-and-me swim classes that help acclimate your infant to the water. But... Read more

How a Trip to Nepal Convinced Me: I Need to Write a Breastfeeding Book

Jessica Shortall at an airport in NepalJessica Shortall
Meet Jessica Shortall, a working mom with a career dedicated to the intersection of business and doing good. As the former Director of Giving for TOMS Shoes, she literally circumnavigated the globe with a breast pump. Look out for her upcoming book by Abrams in Fall 2015, "Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Guide to... Read more

Super Mario Brought to Life for Toddler (Video)

toddler chasing gold coinsYouTube
Collecting coins, blasting turtle shells, crashing cars -- it's all happening for this toddler -- thanks to some special effects, of course. In an effort to illustrate what might be going on in this kid's imagination, one parent used some editing skills to bring Super Mario to life. "Ever wondered what children imagine when they... Read more

Study Finds Advantages for Kids of Working Moms

working momsThinkstock
Say goodbye to working mom guilt -- a new study demonstrates that being a working parent could have big payoffs for your kids down the road. The Harvard Business School study looked at 50,000 adults in 25 countries, and found the biggest positive impact on daughters of working moms. In addition to having higher... Read more

Parenting Haikus, Pump and Dump Style

parenting haikuNancy Norton via The Pump and Dump
At our 3rd annual Mother's Day Eve Comedy Show and Party in Denver, we invited six of our fair city's most talented female comedians - who are also moms - to join us on stage and to quickly write a haiku which embodies their thoughts on parenting. As you can imagine, the results... Read more

Baby's First Avocado

baby eating avocadoYouTube
"Is there a way I can do it so she'll it it?" It's a question parents of picky eaters have been asking forever. Carrots and peas? Beet and kale? It's a mystery what baby is going to like. One thing is clear; this little girl doesn't love avocados. "We decided to introduce avocados,... Read more

Dads Instagram Their Parenting Victories with #DadWin

Baby with underwear on headInstagram
We've been praising dads who make fancy meals and give their daughters professional-level hairstyles. But the regular guys deserve a shoutout, too. A new Instagram hashtag is showcasing the little victories of dads, even when those victories mean cutting some corners (orange pajamas mean mac and cheese stains are invisible, right?) Check out... Read more

3 Financial Fears of First-Time Parents

pink piggy bankGetty
Saving up for a baby may seem like an impossible task. But with four million babies born each year in the US, parents are finding a way to make it work. They key is planning ahead. "I’ve found that first-time parents all find themselves confronting the same three financial questions," Voya financial adviser Joe O'Boyle... Read more

Babies Prefer Listening to Other Babies, Study Finds

two babiesThinkstock
Your kid doesn't want to to listen to you, mom. And that starts earlier than you think: around six months old. A new study from McGill University found that six-month-old babies are much more interested in listening to other babies than adults. In other words, baby wants to communicate, but not necessarily with... Read more