You Can Now Share Your Own 'Pregnant Then Screwed' Stories: Site Launches US Version

pregnant then screwed quote
Pregnancy discrimination is illegal, classified as a type of sexism. But moms-to-be and new moms alike have both felt the sting from employers who didn't seem to get the memo. After a wildly successful UK launch, the Pregnant Then Screwed project has come stateside, providing an anonymous, online outlet for women in the... Read more

Infant Etiquette: Beware Of Giving Baby Kisses

mom kissing babyShutterstock
There are some good old staples of baby etiquette. Sanitize your hands before holding baby. Don't ask a new mom if she's breastfeeding. And don't even think about asking if she wants another. Add keeping the smooches to a minimum to the list. UK mom Claire Henderson shared a photo of her daughter,... Read more

Moms Confess the Most F-cked Up Things Their Kids Did

Pump and dump card promoThe Pump and Dump
Meet Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee, the ladies behind The Bump Pump and Dump Validation Tour. These Denver-based moms are here to remind you that even on your worst parenting day, you’re doing a great job. And whether it’s via song at their parentally-incorrect live comedy shows or via blog post on The Bump,... Read more

All Moms Can Relate To This ‘Hallelujah’ Parody

shannon-abbott-hallelujahShannon Christensen Abbott via Facebook
The first few months at home with a new baby are both exhausting and exciting, filled with sleepless nights, spit-up-soaked clothes and eventually, some smiles from baby. But as mom-of-two Shannon Christensen Abbott knows, you’ve got to find some humor in the tougher aspects of motherhood. And her powerful voice will surely put a smile... Read more

Baby Gear #TBT: Baby Cages

Baby cage hanging out of apartment windowWatching Baby
Long before the days of baby gates, safety latches and window guards, city moms were finding resourceful ways to get baby outside (read: dodging going for a walk). Dangerous, but we'll hand it to them: resourceful. In the late 1800s, doctors began to recommend that kids in urban apartments get fresh air. Physicians like Dr. Luther... Read more

Time To Hit The Orchard: Study Finds Kids Really Love Apples

toddlers apple pickingShutterstock
Great news on the first day of fall:  Compared to other fruit, kids are really, really into apples. A new study published in the journal Pediatrics surveyed over 3,000 kids, determining that apples account for 19 percent of the total fruit they're consuming. And this love of apples seems to get stronger with... Read more

Geneticist: New Parents Should 'Roll Their Child On The Floor Of The Subway'

subway car interiorShutterstock
Parents braving public transportation with their kids come well-equipped with Purell. But a team of geneticists has an unexpected message: Embrace the filth. "I would advise any new parent to roll their child on the floor of the New York subway," says Chris Mason, a geneticist at Weill Cornell Medical College. Mason was part of the Read more

We Can't Even Have Donuts? A Review Of The Breastfeeding Ad Campaign

Baby breastfeeding donut
You guys, I had the most awkward moment the other day. I was sitting on a park bench, breastfeeding my baby. I had just eaten a big bag of Skittles, because this is America. I have kind of a forceful letdown, so my baby pulled off and next thing I knew, Skittles were shooting out... Read more

3-Year-Old With Growth Disorder Is Already Twice As Tall As His Peers

Talles toddler James Whatley poses next to friendSWNS
Meet James Whatley, deemed one of Britain's tallest toddlers. Although, now three years old, James has technically outgrown toddlerhood. And at four feet tall, he's shot right past it. James was born with Sotos syndrome, caused by a mutation in the NSD1 gene that causes rapid growth early in life. It's coupled with learning disabilities and impaired... Read more

Welcome To The Mommy Lunch Room

Woman on computer on mommy boardsPARENTING IS EASY by Sara Given / Workman Publishing
Meet Sara Given, a first-time mom who's found her place in the online parenting world by poking fun at it. Her blog "It's Like They Know Us" rounds up all those ridiculously idyllic parenting stock photos you hate so much and adds the snarky captions they deserve. You can pre-order her book, Parenting... Read more