Is Preschool Depression Something Parents Should Worry About?

contemplative toddler leaning against wallShutterstock
Interpreting the behavior of a 3 or 4 year old may often seem like a lost cause. But if you're even slightly concerned your preschooler is exhibiting signs of depression, know that's a legitimate problem for some young children. And there's work being done to combat it. "Nobody believed preschoolers could get depressed," Dr. Joan Luby,... Read more

Date Night: How Many Parents Are Actually Taking One?

couple out to dinnerShutterstock
Your partner's important to you, for sure. But are you taking the time to show it? We know better than anyone that there's not a whole lot of time between baby's bedtime and your own these days, and romance may take a backseat to baby. It seems most other new moms and dads know it... Read more

Cleavage vs. Breastfeeding: A Social Experiment

woman breastfeeding in the mallYouTube
Bear with us as we run through the litany of reasons why breastfeeding in public is ay-ok: It's natural, it's your right, you're not bothering anyone, the public is used to images of breasts inundating movies and advertisements, and so on. But as this new JoeySalads video demonstrates by highlighting each of those points,... Read more

Toddler Doesn't Believe Dad's Explanation For Snow (Watch)

girl laughing about snowYouTube
Seeing is believing. And as a stranger to snow, this toddler isn't buying her dad's tale about the magical fluffy white stuff. In fact, the skeptic just laughs in his face. "Snow falls from the sky and it blankets everything," dad, who uploaded the video to Reddit and YouTube, tells her.... Read more

Hilton Extends Paid Parental Leave To All Employees, Including Hourly Ones

hilton hotelShutterstock
The paid parental leave arms race got hot in 2015; a solid handful of US employers extended some form of paid parental leave to their employees. But as I've argued before (and you can bet that I'll do it again), the praise for corporate leave policies is distracting our attention from some real problems.... Read more

Woman's Reaction To Granddaughter's Triplet Reveal Is Priceless

triplet pregnancy announcementMary Cooksey Patterson via Facebook
It’s not everyday you find out you’re going to become a grandmother. Or a great-grandmother. So you can imagine how excited one woman quickly became when she realized it's going to happen three times over after her granddaughter-in-law revealed she’s pregnant with triplets. At a family gathering that was recorded and posted on Read more

'A Guy's Gotta Do What A Guy's Gotta Do': 4-Year-Old Hits Gym To Impress A Girl

little boy doing a crunchYouTube
Swim lessons may be a little too low-impact for this 4-year-old athlete. As mom Jeanna Smith tries to coax her son towards the pool, Brody indicates he has other workout plans for the day. And for a good reason. "I'm not going because I'm practicing on a bike right now," he says, pedaling full-speed and clutching the stationary bike,... Read more

The Message Behind This Viral Newborn And Placenta Photo

newborn connected to placentaEmma Jean Photography via Facebook
There's lots of, well, alternative things you can do with your placenta. You can save it and turn it into jewelry. You can cut it up and turn it into pill form, eating it for the supposed postnatal health benefits, Kourtney Kardashian style. But rarely do we see it photographed. And that's why... Read more

Announcing The 2016 Best Of Baby Award Winners!

Best of Baby hub
We know better than anyone—the amount of baby gear out there is completely overwhelming. So we took the time to test, evaluate, and highlight it for you. After assembling strollers, lathering up with baby wash and getting up close and personal with some breast pumps, we can finally unveil this year's Best of Baby Award winners.... Read more

Chick-fil-A Offers "Mom's Valet" To Make Parents' Lives Easier

Chick-fil-A restaurantShutterstock
Dining out with baby just got a whole lot easier. Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country are implementing an unprecedented service, "Mom's Valet." Here's how it works: Parents order at the drive-thru with their kids in the car, then go inside the restaurant where a Chick-fil-A employee will have a table (and as many high chairs needed) ready... Read more