Obama Calls for Paid Sick Days and Paid Family Leave

President Obama gives speechGetty
If you're a working parent or one planning on continuing to work after the arrival of baby, here's a good piece of news: today President Obama is expected to announce several initiatives intended to improve United States workers access to paid sick leave, including parental leave. He plans to sign a Presidential Memorandum that will give... read more

Real-Life Toddler Princesses Make Photo Debut

Chloe dressed as Little Red Riding Hood posing with wolfMyranda Josephson
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (California)... Two-year-old Claire and her one-year-old cousin Chloe recreated their favorite fairytale characters in an adorably magical photo shoot. Jessica West -- Claire's mom and the mastermind behind the shoot -- was inspired by similar photos to create a fantasy world for her daughter and niece. After making the... read more

How Napping Boosts Baby's Brain

Sleeping baby with teddy bearThinkstock
It's no surprise that naps are good for growing babies. And we're willing to bet they ended up being a pretty important part of your college experience too. But wondering if anyone has been able to pinpoint exactly what's so great about those midday ZZZ's? Well, a new study published in the Proceedings of the... read more

Need Baby Name Inspiration? These #BabyRapper Names Are Genius

kid rappersEvo Bot via Twitter
Okay, if River Rose is the newest baby music producer, we've found the talent she'll want to manage. Comedy Central's @Midnight did their usual #HashtagWars last night, challenging contestants and viewers to think of the best baby rapper name ideas. And the Twitterverse responded BIG time with gems that only moms and dads who... read more

What Postnatal Pills Has Kourtney Kardashian Been Taking?

Kourtney KardashianPR Photos
You took your prenatal vitamins, but are there any postnatal supplements you need? Kourtney Kardashian sure thinks so; the third-time mom can't stop raving about the placenta pills she's taking after giving birth to son Reign Aston Disick. "Yummy...PLACENTA pills! No joke...I will be sad when my placenta pills run out. They are... read more

Would You Pay for These Latest High-Tech Parenting Gadgets?

Edwin the duck and a tabletEdwin
Thanks to the new items revealed at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), all of your parenting excuses have gone out the window. From precise and constant temperature tracking to a bottle that shows the proper holding technique, there's a device (not to mention an app) for every parenting need. Stay tuned; they'll be released throughout 2015.... read more

Kelly Clarkson's Daughter River Rose Really Does Have Rhythm (Watch)

Kelly Clarkson holds her baby girl River RoseKelly Clarkson via Instagram
When Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton give you a guitar, you're pretty much expected to be musically-inclined. And it seems that River Rose -- Kelly Clarkson's daughter -- is proving them right. Clarkson recently debuted her latest track, "Heartbeat Song," with the help of her 6-month-old. The American Idol alum posted this teaser, featuring... read more

Prankster Blake Lively Surprised Amber Tamblyn with Baby

Blake Lively at Angels BallGetty
Her days as Serena van der Woodsen prepared her well—Blake Lively sure knows how to stir up drama. In October, she surprised us all with a baby announcement on her website Preserve. And since giving birth in December, the actress and husband Ryan Reynolds have been hush-hush about their... read more

Public Breastfeeding's Newest Supporter? Pope Francis

Pope Francis kisses babyTIME
We've told you about breastfeeding-friendly initiatives and businesses before. But the most recent safe haven for breastfeeding moms? The Sistine Chapel. Yep, you're free to feed among the works of Michelangelo. And it's all thanks to an announcement yesterday from Pope Francis. "You mothers give your children milk and even now, if they cry because they are... read more

Cool Things to Do with Baby Indoors

toddler girl playingThinkstock
Ready to hit the park this evening? Hahahaha. Certainly not if you live in the northeast. Not to worry; we asked Bumpies for some fun indoor games to play with baby. Nobody's getting cabin fever on our watch. “Throw on a sing-along DVD and have a dance party!” -- Sara E. “I let my toddler... read more