Baby Teddy's Time Lapse Video Keeps Family in Touch

baby teddyYouTube
They may live on opposite coasts, but the Bookman family didn't let that stop them from experiencing all of baby Teddy's first-year milestones together. Teddy's parents Matt and Amelia live in the L.A. area. Matt's father, Mark, lives in Pittsburgh. They FaceTime almost everyday, but Matt came up with a more comprehensive -- and artistic... Read more

Why Are Baby's Teeth Growing In Crooked?

Baby's bottom teethGetty
It's National Children's Dental Health Month, which means we'll be giving you helpful tips on dental care for baby and answering all those questions you have about those adorable baby teeth. Here, Chris Kammer, DDS, Lifetime Family Dentistry and president of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, explains why some babies' teeth grow in crooked. Crooked teeth... Read more

Which Country Has the Cuddliest Babies?

Are American babies grumpy? Compared to their Dutch counterparts, it certainly seems that way. A new study published in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology found that Dutch babies laugh, smile and like to cuddle more than American babies aged six to 12 months old. Researchers say the results reflect inherent differences in the cultural values of American and... Read more

How a Lullaby Made This Single Mom a YouTube Star

Kimberly Henderson exclusiveKimberly Henderson via Facebook
When Kimberly Henderson posted a video of her singing a cover of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" on YouTube (a cover of the Sam Smith version, to be exact) as a lullaby to her baby girl, she never imagined it would turn her into an overnight sensation. "I always look on YouTube... Read more

Children's Dental Health Month: Fluoride and Baby Teeth

baby teethShutterstock
A new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics says to bring on the fluoride toothpaste as soon as baby's teeth start to come in. This comes in response to the fact that dental caries, or tooth decay, is the most common chronic disease in US children, especially among poor and minority populations.... Read more

Protect Your Nursery from Baby Monitor Hacks

baby monitorMotorola
It's not the first incident we've heard of, and it probably won't be the last; another baby monitor was hacked on Tuesday, this time in a Houston home. The nanny, Ashley Stanley, was changing baby Samantha's diaper when she heard a man's voice telling her just how dirty it was. “I heard someone talking on the camera monitor... Read more

A Little TV Might Benefit Baby

baby holding remoteGetty
You can feel a little less guilty about setting up the bouncer in front of the TV while you're cooking dinner -- a new study says a little TV might actually be helpful to baby. Fair warning: standard cartoons might not cut it. The Emory University study, published in the journal Child Development, only... Read more

Moms in Comedy: A List for 2015

Pump an Dump ladies on bikesCrystal Allen Photography
Meet Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee, the ladies behind The Pump and Dump Validation Tour. These Denver-based moms are here to remind you that even on your worst parenting day, you're doing a great job. And whether it's via song at their parentally-incorrect live comedy shows or via blog post on The Bump,... Read more

He Said, She Said: How Life Changed When I Had Kids

Cho family sitting on bedKatherine and Luke Griffin
Joy Cho, founder of Oh Joy!, and her husband Bob have had an, oh, pretty busy decade. Joy launched her very successful lifestyle blog in 2005, and a year later married her then-boyfriend Bob. Together, the couple made the move west for Bob’s work as a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Shriners Hospital for... Read more

Make Tummy Time Fun for Mom and Baby

baby doing tummy time exercise
As a physical therapist, I often educate new moms on the importance of tummy time for their babies. It can start when baby is about two or three months old (or can lift her head). Helping baby become comfortable in the prone position has big benefits: Reduces risks of SIDS- Placing baby on her belly helps... Read more