Here's How Dads Really Feel About Paternity Leave

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The parental leave discussion continues, this time from dad's point of view. Taking a look at new dads, Boston College Center for Work & Family released The New Dad: A Portrait of Today’s Father this week. Yesterday, we told you about how dads feel about their roles as parents and their work/life... Read more

New Report Paints A Portrait Of Today's New Dad

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Dads want to be, and are, spending more time with their kids. That's the ultimate takeaway from this year's annual Boston College Center for Work & Family report on new dads. Aptly titled The New Dad: A Portrait of Today's Father, asked "white collar dads" about the logistics and challenges of... Read more

Baby Bump Casts: A Newborn Photo Trend?

baby sleeping in bump bowlPhotojos Photography
Ever wonder what life was like for your sleepy, snuggly newborn before she was a newborn? Turns out it can be somewhat recreated. Liverpool-based photographer Jocelyn Conway of PhotoJos Photography is making "baby bump bowls" that exactly replicate the size and shape of mom's belly, using them to cradle babies between five days and... Read more

Stressed About Your Preemie? You'll Still Be A Good Mom

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Having a preemie takes its toll. There's the worrying, the extra time in the hospital, the not-so-helpful comments from friends and family. (Oh, are you supposed to "feel so lucky" about not having to experience the tail end of pregnancy?) But guess what? It's not going to affect your parenting in the long... Read more

'I'm Gonna Be A Dad?!' Real Guys, Real Reactions

Man's reaction to positive pregnancy test on ChristmasDove via YouTube
Listen up, dads: Whether it's your first Father's Day or you've already amassed an impressive collection of ties and homemade cards, we're taking you back to the moment it all began. What was your reaction when you found out you were going to be a dad? How'd your partner break the news? This year's Father's... Read more

The Father's Day Gift Guide You'll Love Too

turntable kitchen pairings boxTurntable Kitchen
As if you didn't already know, shopping for guys is hard. Especially when that gift is supposed to be loaded with meaning, say, for Father's Day. Don't worry; we've rounded up some thoughtful gifts he'll actually get some use out of (read: not another tie). The best part? You will too. Turntable Kitchen  Whether your... Read more

The Unbearable Loneliness Of Pumping

Meet Jessica Shortall, a working mom with a career dedicated to the intersection of business and doing good. As the former Director of Giving for TOMS Shoes, she literally circumnavigated the globe with a breast pump. Pre-order her upcoming book by Abrams, “Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Guide to Breastfeeding and Going... Read more

Top 5 Quotes From The Most Excited Aunt Ever

Excited woman finds out sister is having twins at ultrasound appointmentYouTube
Excited that it's Friday? How excited? Definitely not as much as this woman who found out her sister is having twins. Jill and Shawn already have a son and a daughter at home. For their third pregnancy, they invited Jill's sister Kelly to the 20-week ultrasound, where they would find out the baby's... Read more

Is Sesame Street Just As Educational as Preschool?

Tickle Me Elmo and ToddlerPhotos Courtesy of the Manufacturer
Some screen time's not such a bad thing when your toddler's learning a lesson from Elmo or Cookie Monster. A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that kids who watch Sesame Street are 14 percent less likely to be behind in school. That's about the... Read more

When Sharing Becomes Shaming: The Question of Parents on Social Media

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Punishing your kid has gone public, and one father is speaking out against it. From endless Facebook photo albums to lighthearted Instagram accounts, millions of adults document the highs and lows of parenthood through social media -- but "kid shaming" is a growing problem, warns YouTube user mikeknowsbest. In the video, a father threatens to cut off his son's... Read more