Um, North West Finger Painted on What?

Kim Kardashian carries North WestGetty Images
Blue Ivy apparently isn't the only "Picasso Baby" around -- not since North West got her finger-painting hands on Kim Kardashian's purse, that is! Let me clarify: Kim Kardashian's leather Hermes bag that cost upwards of $10,000. Kim displayed her cream and brown satchel splattered with yellow, orange, blue and green splotches -- and one very... read more

Hear Kelly Rowland's Lullaby for Baby Titan!

Kelly RowlandGetty
At one week old, Titan Jewel Weatherspoon already has a song written about him. Yep, new mom Kelly Rowland didn't waste anytime penning a lullaby and posting a sneak preview of it on Instagram.   "You will always be mommy's little baby," she sings, cradling Titan's head. And this isn't just the Lady-Gaga-offhandedly-singing-to-her-dog type of Instagram... read more

Get In Sync: How Music Can Really Benefit Babies

mom lifting babyVeer
Playing music for baby may not turn him into a baby Mozart, but bouncing him to the beat will definitely boost his E.Q. That's the verdict from a new study published in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. "There’s this idea that if we just play music in the background, then our... read more

Big Dogs and Little Babies Are the Best of Friends

baby and black labBoredPanda
For your lazy Sunday, how about some adorable photos of babies snoozin' with puppies? You're welcome. (via BoredPanda) If you're a mom-to-be getting ready to introduce your fur baby to your real baby, we have some tips for a smooth transition, like introducing new sounds, rules and other children to your... read more

Kelly Ripa, Carson Daly & More Reveal Their Parenting Styles

TODAY castGetty
We uncovered the latest trend in the talk show host circuit: hard-a-- parenting. Kelly Ripa described her tough-love approach on The Wendy Williams Show. Like most moms of teenage girls, she's currently locked in battle with 13-year-old Lola. "She recently lost her computer and phone privileges, so it's like taking away oxygen," Ripa said, explaining that... read more

Doctor's Orders: A Placebo to Help Baby's Cough?

Sick baby with stethoscope4BabyCare
For many parents, giving your coughing baby medicine isn't an easy decision. But it turns out you might not have to make that choice, thanks to a placebo effect. Researchers looked at 119 coughing children between two months and four years old. While all of the kids had coughs that lasted for more than seven days, none had... read more

Snooki: Life Is Totally Different as a Mom of Two

We couldn't wait to hear Snooki weigh in on the final season of Snooki & JWoww and being a new mom again. But first thing's first: maybe we should stop calling her Snooki. "Snooki was my party girl image before I had kids and being a mom -- I really don’t think Snooki exists anymore," she tells PEOPLE... read more

Baby Talk: Are Moms Better At It Than Dads?

mom talking to babyShutterstock
You know that talking to baby is good for her development. But you may not know baby talk is yet another battle of the sexes. A new study published in the journal Pediatrics looked at how moms and dads talk to their babies, since most existing research only examines how moms interact with infants. To conduct the study,... read more

Plan Your Next Party with P.S. XO

PSXO party boxP.S. XO
Parenthood has its fair share of obligatory milestone party-planning, from the baby shower to the first birthday party and the christening. But we're pleased to introduce you to something that will make that a whole lot easier. P.S. XO -- co-founded by actress Soleil Moon Frye and Kara Nortman -- delivers triple-decker boxes... read more

Baby's Eating Habits Develop in First Year

baby eatingShutterstock
Wondering how you can get baby on track for a healthy and fit lifestyle? The first solid foods he eats play a big part. No pressure. Interested in finding out exactly what American babies are eating, researchers at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences looked at over 1,500 babies six months to... read more