3-Year-Old With Growth Disorder Is Already Twice As Tall As His Peers

Talles toddler James Whatley poses next to friendSWNS
Meet James Whatley, deemed one of Britain's tallest toddlers. Although, now three years old, James has technically outgrown toddlerhood. And at four feet tall, he's shot right past it. James was born with Sotos syndrome, caused by a mutation in the NSD1 gene that causes rapid growth early in life. It's coupled with learning disabilities and impaired... Read more

Welcome To The Mommy Lunch Room

Woman on computer on mommy boardsPARENTING IS EASY by Sara Given / Workman Publishing
Meet Sara Given, a first-time mom who's found her place in the online parenting world by poking fun at it. Her blog "It's Like They Know Us" rounds up all those ridiculously idyllic parenting stock photos you hate so much and adds the snarky captions they deserve. You can pre-order her book, Parenting... Read more

Friday Report: What Have Celeb Moms Been Up To This Week?

Between New York Fashion week and the first day of school, our favorite celeb moms have been busy. But you're never too busy to post on Instagram, right? Here, a look back at the week from the lens of an famous parent. Red carpets aside, you might have more in common than you think.   Ali... Read more

Photographer Helps Child Cancer Patients Live Their Dreams

Girl posing as mermaid for the Anything Can Be projectJ.M. Diaz Photography
Ever wonder what's going on inside your child's mind? With the help of some Photoshop magic, photographers have tried to illustrate it time and time again. As for Jonathan Diaz, he's doing it with a purpose. The Salt Lake City photographer had been taking fun, whimsical photos of his own four... Read more

Viral Photo Reveals Raw Emotions Of Postpartum

Danielle Haines of Postpartum Confessions holding baby three days after giving birthDanielle Haines via Facebook
Danielle Haines wasn't feeling quite like herself when she posed for a picture about a year ago. She's on the verge of tears, shirtless and cradling her three-day-old son to her chest. "I was so raw and so open, I was a f*cking mess," her caption begins. Knowing other brand new moms had to feel... Read more

'Breastfeeding Goddesses' Take To The Streets Of Chicago

women breastfeeding in Chicago streetIvette Ivens Photography
Talk about traffic-stopping. Dressing up for the occasion, a group of moms took to a busy Chicago street for the ultimate breastfeeding photo shoot. The gorgeous photo is the handiwork of Ivette Ivens, the same photographer that brought us the glamorous Breastfeeding Goddesses images. This new photo will be included in the Breastfeeding Goddesses book, Read more

Breast Milk Donations Saved This Baby's Life

detra chappell holds son dekevyon with milk donor jennifer tinerWFAA, Dallas-Fort Worth
When Detra Chappell gave birth to her son 12 weeks early, her nurses said breast milk would be key to helping him survive. The problem? Chappell wasn’t able to produce enough supply to keep up Dekevyon’s demand. "They stressed that to the fullest," Chappell tells WFAA of Dallas-Fort Worth. "Like, whatever [breast milk] you... Read more

Stock Photo Parodies Show The Funny Reality Of Pumping At Work

Woman hides breast pump from nosy coworkersJessica Shortall and Laura Legg Photography
You know her, you love her, and you love her advice for dealing with the challenges of being a working and pumping mom. And now, Jessica Shortall, author of Work. Pump. Repeat.: The New Mom's Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work, is going to make you laugh. Sick of Read more

A Surgeon's Guide To Perfecting Baby Talk

mom talking to baby outsideShutterstock
Science has proven again and again that talking to baby is good for her brain development. And we're willing to bet you've been doing it along. Now, there's finally some firmer guidelines on how to do it. The advice comes from Dana Suskin, a surgeon at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Suskin has performed Read more

Six Brothers Meet Their New Sister: 'She's Cuter Than I Thought She'd Be'

big brother kissing baby sisterThe News & Observer
It's the family dynamic parents dream of: a protective older brother watches out for his baby sister. And for newborn Ruby Jane, that protectiveness is sixfold. Corey Lowenstein of The News & Observer shared a video (watch it here) of six big brothers meeting the newest addition to their family: a baby... Read more