Mom Lands On Facebook's Naughty List After Breastfeeding On Santa's Lap

Breastfeeding mom on Santa's lapFacebook
Mall Santas have stepped up their game this holiday season. One Kris Kringle posed for some sweet naptime shots rather than risk waking a sleeping baby. Another St. Nick unexpectedly started signing with a little girl who has problems verbally communicating. But a final Father Christmas is making waves for helping to facilitate... Read more

3 Sets Of Twins In 5 Years: A Labor Of Love

Mark and Andrea with two sets of twinsTODAY via A Natural Portrayal Photography
Parenthood rarely turns out like you planned. Andrea and Mark Rivas didn't know if they'd ever be parents at all. But their story involves some of the most unexpected twists and happiest outcomes of all. The Rivases turned to IVF after experiencing infertility and a miscarriage. And during their IVF journey, they befriended... Read more

Mom Pens Letter To Delta After Breast Milk Incident: 'I'm An Angry Mom Right Now'

frozen breast milk in coolerFacebook
As a new mom, it's extremely difficult to be away from baby for an extended period of time, but it's even worse when you're nursing. While traveling for business, Vanessa Kasten Urango, a Texas mom of two, was told by Delta Air Lines that she could not travel with frozen breast milk. The angry mom... Read more

We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby: The 14 Companies Making Strides In Maternity Leave

Young parents playing with baby lying on old wood floorCorbis
2015 was a big year for paid parental leave in America. It’s been discussed by Democratic presidential frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and Republican candidate Marco Rubio talked about it, albeit as optional (which runs contrary to the un-optional pregnancy process of going into labor and giving birth!) Plus, our capital introduced its own... Read more

See Daughter's (Hilarious) Angry Reaction To Learning The Truth About Santa

angry Santa letterFacebook
Keeping the Christmas magic alive isn't easy. There are logistics to explain. Don't have a chimney? You'll need to invent Santa's entrance strategy. Are the kids skeptical about how he circumnavigates the globe in one night? Time to exaggerate how time zones work. One Maryland couple finally gave up the charade, admitting to their daughter that... Read more

How Your Income Determines Your Parenting Style

Busy family in the kitchenShutterstock
Parent debates usually focus on philosophy or methodology: Are you a helicopter or free-range parent? A cry-it-out proponent or a co-sleeper? But the latest data from the Pew Research Center suggests that above anything else, how you parent may be tied to how much you make. Many of the findings from the 1,807-person survey... Read more

Dad Turns 4-Month-Old Son Into His Very Own Elf On The Shelf

baby elf on the shelfInstagram
While Elf On The Shelf is designed to keep kids on their toes, we're finding the same old photos of hiding spots are getting kind of stale. But Utah dad Alan Lawrence came up with an out-of-the-box photo opportunity: He turned his 4-month-old son into his own real life Elf On The Shelf. Inspiration for this latest... Read more

Christmas Lights Guide New Parents To Deliver Baby In Car

Christmas lights along the highwayShutterstock
Rudolph may guide Santa’s sleigh, but it was a house’s Christmas spirit that helped guide one family’s new baby into the world. Michigan couple Carla and Bill Hux sped through the darkness and pouring rain early on the morning of Dec. 14 after Carla, already six days past her due date with her fourth child,... Read more

The Cuteness Factor In This Star Wars-Themed Newborn Photoshoot Is Out Of This World

star wars newborn photoTrish's Photography
The force was certainly with mom, Amber Bartlett, 32, after she gave birth to her second child despite being told her chances of conceiving were slim to none. When Bartlett was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 23, doctors urged her to undergo a hysterectomy. But she refused, holding out hope that one day she would... Read more

After Breastfeeding Complaints, Restaurant Turns The Tables

Women at Texas restaurant nurse-inFacebook
It's a story we hear again and again: Mom needs to nurse baby in public. Mom gets scolded for breastfeeding in public. Mom shares her story on social media. People get outraged. At first, that was the story shaping up for El Patio, a Houston restaurant. But there's a happier ending than you're expecting. Last week,... Read more