Husband Announces Wife’s Pregnancy By Turning Her Curves Into Nature Scenes

theodor pregnancy photoshootSimon Schaffrath
Sometime in your third trimester, you’ll likely start to feel like that cute little baby bump has grown to be the size of a beach ball. Or a small private island. Or a large mountain. And you're not alone: One couple decided to document these sentiments in a photo series, incorporating the mom-to-be’s belly into... Read more

One Routine Screening Test Can Zero In On More Accurate Due Date: Study

Pregnant woman who has an examinationThinkstock
Some moms are robbed of a baby shower thanks to their preemies. Others go to town on spicy food at 41 weeks in the hopes of finally inducing labor. While they sit at opposite ends of the spectrum, the takeaway is the same: Due dates are not set in stone. This is not news, of... Read more

Activities To Help Induce Labor

pregnant woman doing yogaVeer
The last weeks of pregnancy are often uncomfortable, and most of us get to the point of wishing to speed up the time and get the baby out ASAP.  With swollen feet, an achy back, acid reflux, and sleepless nights, who can blame you? So the question often arises: What can I do to get... Read more

New Drape Gives Moms Immediate Contact With Baby After C-Section

Nurses holding c-section drapeKevin Morley/Times-Dispatch
More good news for moms who have c-sections: It's getting easier for you to meet your new baby right away. We've seen family-centered cesareans, or natural cesareans, gain popularity over the last year. As opposed to the standard medical drape surgeons traditionally use to curtain off the operating field and block mom's view, a natural... Read more

Things Moms Can’t Wait To Do Again (After Having Baby)

Don’t get us wrong. We know that emotional feeling of “I can’t believe I’m growing a baby!” is just as amazing now as it was when you first found out you were expecting. Feeling baby kick, getting weekly "How Big is Baby" updates and learning about new developments at each doctor's visit never get... Read more

Minnesota Mom Creates Documentary To Change Conversation About Postpartum Bodies

Moms show postpartum bodies for Mid Drift projectThe Mid Drift Project
Pregnancy can be tough, but life after baby isn't always smooth sailing either. Between the frustration of trying on a pair of pre-baby jeans and that don't zip to catching a glimpse of stretch marks in the mirror, at one point or another, moms often feel pressure to change their bodies and rid themselves of those 'imperfections.' But one... Read more

UPDATE: Viral ‘Bun In The Oven’ Couple Deliver Baby 16 Weeks Early

Bun in the ovenFacebook
Just three weeks after a Virginia couple announced they were expecting in a now-viral pregnancy announcement, they've welcomed their son Kaleb Arkell Graves, delivered prematurely at just 24 weeks. Dana Griffin-Graves and husband Arkell Graves spent 17 years trying to conceive, going through many ups and downs, including a stillbirth and four miscarriages. But in September, after... Read more

Mom’s Pregnancy Weight Gain After Birth May Lead to Child’s Obesity

pregnancy weight gainShutterstock
When you're ‘eating for two’ it's easy to give in to strong (and sometimes strange!) cravings, and before you know it those pregnancy pounds quickly add up. In reality, doctors say 300 extra calories per day is all you need, and excessive weight gain can have health consequences that put you and baby at risk.... Read more

20 Maternity Costumes To Bump Up Your Halloween Game

Solar system pregnancy Halloween costumeModern Kiddo
Who says Halloween is no fun when you're pregnant?  You might be thinking your growing belly isn’t very costume compatible, it opens up an entirely new world of hilarious, bold and brilliant costume options that are sure to bump up your Halloween game. Check out some of our favorites below!   1. Saturday Night (Baby) Fever... Read more

Having A 'Big Baby'? Read This Before Delivery

Doctor checking pregnant woman with stethoscopeShutterstock
Call it 'baby-dismorphia'; many moms-to-be perceive their babies to be dangerously big. But a new study offers reassurance: your eight-and-a-half pounder is totally normal. The Boston University study, published in Maternal and Child Health Journal, found that nearly a third of women report being told by healthcare providers that their babies might be "quite... Read more