Wife Surprises Husband With Star Wars-Themed Pregnancy Announcement

While finding out you're having a baby is incredibly exciting, it can also be incredibly scary, especially if Darth Vader and a pair of stormtroopers are the ones to tell you that you're going to be a dad. While celebrating their three year anniversary at Walt Disney World, one wife enlisted the help of a... Read more

How Baked By Melissa’s Founder Is Dealing With Pregnancy Weight Gain

melissa ben ishay of baked by melissaBaked by Melissa
Melissa Ben-Ishay is the President and Chief Product Officer of the New York City-based dessert company Baked by Melissa. When Ben-Ishay was fired from her job in advertising in 2008, she decided to do what she loved—to offer consumers the ultimate dessert experience. With the idea that people should be able to taste more... Read more

Crowdsourcing A Baby Name From Preschoolers

baby names suggested by preschoolersImgur
Deciding on a baby name is tough, prompting plenty of bickering, indecision and unwelcome feedback. Why not just let someone else decide? We've heard of couples leaving it up to Starbucks employees or Facebook friends, but a Wisconsin preschool teacher just took the cake, letting her students decide. Of course, Miss Julie won't actually be... Read more

Study Finds New Link To Autism

Doctor checking pregnant woman with stethoscopeShutterstock
New research in the autism field has drawn a startling conclusion: Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, are 59 percent more likely to give birth to a child with autism than those without the disorder. The study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, pinpoints exposure to certain sex hormones early in life as the... Read more

Couple Hits Gender Reveal Out Of The Park

Dad hits baseball in gender revealDavid Swayze Photography via TODAY
One California couple is reinforcing that pregnancy is a team sport. There's no doubt about it; mom is the real MVP for nine months. But Monique Tello gave an assist to her partner, Steven Statter, making him the star of their athletic gender reveal. "Since pregnancy is typically more focused on the women, I wanted to... Read more

When Are Antibiotics Not Okay During Pregnancy?

pills in handShutterstock
Even the most cautious moms-to-be can find themselves sick with a virus or infection during pregnancy. And if they do, it's reassuring that researchers from the University of Montreal recently vetted common antibiotics, finding no link to birth defects. But a new study poses a question: Is it a good idea to take antibiotics the whole... Read more

Why Moms Are Using #7MonthsAwesome To Support A Pregnant Scientist

Dr. Decombel holding #7monthsawesome signInstagram

Dr. Samantha Decombel is the exact type of rock star we love to feature. She's a scientist, she's an entrepreneur, and best of all for us, she's pregnant. But the reason for this feature is extremely frustrating: She was uninvited from speaking at a conference because she's in her third trimester.

Earlier this year,...

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Couple Slows Things Down In Viral Pregnancy Announcement

parents react to pregnancy announcementYouTube
One of the best parts about getting pregnant? Breaking the news. And like many of the couples in our favorite pregnancy announcements, Danny and Ciera Woods wanted to catch their friends and family completely off-guard. To achieve the element of surprise, the Columbus, Ohio couple told their loved ones that they were being interviewed for one... Read more

Virgin Airlines Cancellation Forces 8-Month Pregnant Woman To Spend Night On Floor

pregnant woman sleeping on an airport floorFacebook
Traveling during your third trimester can be uncomfortable enough. And a 36-week pregnant Australian woman endured a particularly difficult overnight stay in a Brisbane Virgin Australia terminal, placing the airline under scrutiny. Meghan Cochrane's flight was cancelled Sunday night, and she was re-booked on a plane departing at 5 a.m. on Monday. According to a Facebook post from... Read more

Childbirth Is More Like A Sport Than You Think

illustration of trophies on shelfShutterstock
Having a baby is grueling. It takes effort, focus, and of course, perseverance. And the University of Michigan is giving it a well-deserved label: a sport. Kind of. Based on the fact that childbirth can be so traumatic -- and the fact that 15 percent of women experience pelvic injuries that don't heal --... Read more