Toddler Without Arms Meets Her Hero, Armless Pilot Jessica Cox

jessica-cox-re-pranke-without armsKarlyn Pranke via Facebook
It’s not every day you get to hug your hero, let alone bond over something that makes you both so unique. So for Ruth Evelyn “RE” Pranke, a three-year-old born without arms, the opportunity to meet armless pilot Jessica Cox was a memorable one—and it was a meeting her mom Karlyn wished for before RE was... Read more

Babies On Parade! Which Float Has Your Vote?

Kicking off in 1909—15 years before the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade—the annual Wildwood, New Jersey Baby Parade has a legacy all its own. Even if the floats are a little scaled down from the ones you see on the streets of Manhattan. This seaside town's tradition gets pretty competitive. The pint-sized participants line up... Read more

4 Things Doctors Aren't Telling New Moms (But Should)

Mother kissing newborn baby girlGetty
Becoming a parent is both an exciting and scary time, especially for first-time moms. While we’d love for every mom to reach her due date feeling as prepared as possible and armed with info about what’s best for baby (after all, that’s what we’re here for!), that’s unfortunately not always the case. A... Read more

Love Heals: Learning To Parent A Bipolar Child

Jane Porter for MomsWriteNow
The Bump has partnered with some amazing mothers who also happen to be amazing writers. They’re dishing out all their thoughts, observations and real life lessons about mothering in the best way they know how. We’re embarking on an essay series and we’re hoping you’ll follow along as these authors share what they’ve learned about... Read more

Stop Fat-Shaming Babies: One Mom's Story

baby leg rollsShutterstock
When it comes to her infant daughter's weight, Caroline Stanley has heard it all. "Mushy, huge, enormous, gigantic, and a chunky monkey," she lists in a Refinery29 article, "among other things." Stanley actually found it funny the first time a stranger ever pointed out her baby's weight, but when it kept happening, she stopped... Read more

Pregnant Then Screwed: UK Women Share Pregnancy Discrimination Stories

Mom working and feeding her baby in carrierGetty
When it comes to American maternity leave policy, the grass is almost always greener on the other side. Swedish parents can share 80 weeks of paid leave. Canadians get 50. But the UK's impressive 52 weeks is losing its shine; a new report from the British Equality and Human Rights Commission found that... Read more

A 'Stork Drop' Adoption Made This Family Complete

Olson family adopts baby TillyOlson Family
For Sarah and David Olson, completing their family took a giant leap of faith. After two complicated pregnancies, the Minnesota couple knew they'd take a different route to bring home the third child they'd always wanted. Adoption made the most sense; both David's father and sister-in-law were adopted, and Sarah's niece... Read more

Prince George Inspired Kardashian Kids Fashion Line, Says Khloe

Prince George may have inspired the Kardashian Kids lineGetty
The royal family of reality TV turns to the actual royal family for kiddie fashion inspiration, Khloe Kardashian has revealed. In a Sydney Confidential interview about the upcoming iteration of the Kardashian Kids clothing line, Khloe credited royal toddler (and new big brother) Prince George with inspiring the collection's style. "Prince George is the cutest ever,”... Read more

Orangutan Gives Sweetest Belly Kiss To Pregnant Woman (Video)

Orangutan with baby on backShutterstock
This perceptive primate has a soft spot for baby bumps. Rajang, an orangutan at the Colchester Zoo in the UK, was caught on camera giving belly kisses to a pregnant visitor through the glass. The partner of the 37-week-pregnant woman filmed the whole thing, sharing the video on YouTube. "I put my belly to the... Read more

Bride Celebrates Wedding Day By Breastfeeding With Bridesmaids

Bride and bridesmaids breastfeeding on bedLindsay Palmer
One bride's breastfeeding photos are stealing the show. Jaime Riddell spent the morning of her wedding getting ready with her three best friends, who were serving as bridesmaids. But amidst the hair and makeup, the ladies -- who each gave birth within a year of each other -- made time to nurse their babies. And photographerRead more