Ryan Reynolds Explains Why Baby James's Name Was Kept a Secret

Ryan Reynolds Blake LivelyGetty
Now that their daughter is nearly three months old, we can finally confirm that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds named her James. Reynolds sat down with the TODAY Show's Willie Geist to tell us what we already knew: "It's James. Everyone knows… I didn't want to be the first guy screaming it out to the media. Because as... Read more

How Many Dads Suffer Postpartum Depression?

dad holding babyThinkstock
The stigma around postpartum depression is lessening; we talk about it more and more, making it easier and more encouraged for women to seek treatment. But does the same hold true for dads? One in ten dads will suffer from postpartum depression. And a new study highlights the negative effects this could... Read more

Should Strollers Get the Same Priority as Wheelchairs on Public Transportation?

GB strollers in red, teal, magenta and silverGB
Babies and public transportation rarely go well together. But one Chicago mom is trying to create a smoother ride. Michelle Parker started a Change.org petition requesting the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) grant stroller users the same rights as wheelchair users. Essentially, that means caretakers wouldn't have to fold up strollers to board the bus. Here's the thing:... Read more

Good News for SAHMs with a Starbucks Addiction

Starbucks storefrontGetty
Full disclosure: We have a Starbucks in our office building, and we're still excited about this news. The coffee giant announced it will launch a delivery service in the second half of 2015. So no more wrangling your kids into the car (presumably bribing them with cake pops) when you need to make a coffee... Read more

Is This Onesie Fat Shaming Babies?

i hate my thighs onesieWry Baby
How young can body image issues start? That's the question critics of Wry Baby are asking. The company is under fire for releasing a onesie that says "I Hate My Thighs," and has since removed the garment from its available apparel. Public disapproval began with a blog post from Michele Kort,... Read more

Why You Shouldn't Strive for Pregnancy Abs

pregnant women rolling outThe Bump
When Los Angeles model Sarah Stage posted pics of her surprisingly slim 8-month pregnant bikini bod on Instagram, she certainly received the attention she solicited. Some praised her impressive physique while others remarked she must have an eating disorder and unhealthy pregnancy. So began a heated dialogue about what pregnant... Read more

How to Raise Lifelong Readers

Reading to baby has some serious benefits -- you know that. But once you've been through every picture book and nursery rhyme in an attempt to boost brain development and language skills, how do you get your child to actually like reading? That's the question Daniel Willingham is addressing in his new book, Raising... Read more

Brains and Wealth Start With Breastfeeding, Study Finds

Not sure when to pull the breaks on breastfeeding? The longer the duration, the stronger the longterm benefits for baby, a new Brazilian study found. The study, published in The Lancet Global Health, linked longer breastfeeding -- up to 12 months -- to longer schooling, higher adult earning, and increased adult... Read more

Recall Alert! Kraft Mac and Cheese

mac and cheese recallKraft
We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but Kraft has voluntarily recalled 6.5 million boxes of mac and cheese. The boxes -- each 7.25 ounces and original flavor -- may contain pieces of metal. While no injuries have been reported, Kraft has received eight reports of metal in the boxes. Wondering if your pantry... Read more

When Bachelors Race Against Their Biological Clocks

Dr. Conrad Cean and twinsDr. Conrad Cean/Alex Kaplan Photo
Ladies, your biological clocks aren't the only ones ticking. Meet Dr. Conrad Cean. He figured he'd be married by 33 or 34, but as his career took off, it didn't happen. “I had just finished my fellowship and was trying to get the lay of the land in the business of medicine,” he tells TODAY. “I... Read more