Ciara Gives Birth to Baby Boy (Named After His Father!)

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
Ciara has now joined the ranks of the most glam moms in town, because she gave birth yesterday! The singer and her fiance, rapper Future, welcomed their baby boy Monday morning in LA, who weighed a healthy 9 pounds and 10 ounces. Now, Baby Harris-Wilburn couldn't have any ordinary name (yes folks, Ciara's full name is Ciara Princess Harris... read more

36 Throwback ‘Mad Men’-Inspired Baby Names We Love

Photo: Shutterstock / The NestPhoto: Shutterstock / The Nest
Babies actually have lots in common with Don Draper. They both frequently need naps, can sometimes be a little cranky, aren't big talkers and love hitting the bottle. Aside from that tidbit, names from the 1960s are making a mod comeback, thanks to Mad Men's popularity. Take a look at our favorite Mad Men-inspired names,... read more

You Won’t Believe the Craziest Baby Names of 2013

Photo: Thinkstock / The KnotPhoto: Thinkstock / The Knot
Well, it looks like 2013 was a year for trying... new things, since the Social Security Administration released its annual popular baby name list recently. While it's not surprising that the monikers Noah and Sophia took top honors, it is surprising that 63 people named their daughter Vanellope after the character from Wreck-It Ralph.... read more

13 Trendy Baby Names Inspired By ‘Revenge’

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
Love the Hamptons? Oceanfront real estate? Stolen identities and tales of gore masked by VIP-access-only parties? Then chances are you tuned in for the season three finale of Revenge on Sunday. And if you did, there's also a chance that after stomaching all of the twists and turns of the episode, you thought, "Victoria, Emily and... read more

Parents Who Let the Internet Name Their Baby Got a Pleasant Surprise

Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpPhoto: Shutterstock / The Bump
So remember that highly optimistic and trustworthy couple, Alysha and Stephen McLaughlin, who decided to let the Internet name their baby? In January, dad-to-be Stephen created the website and asked anyone and everyone to vote for a first and middle name for his baby girl. Which seems scarier than watching Rosemary's Baby alone while... read more

Drew Barrymore Welcomes a Baby Girl (With a Boy’s Name!)

Photo: ZimbioPhoto: Zimbio
Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman's brood just expanded! Although Drew's second pregnancy was basically the most fun thing to hear about (pasta and Chinese food pregnancy cravings around the clock, anyone?), we're so excited that she had another baby girl today, because she's just the best. To illustrate that point, the tomboyish name of the couple's read more

Take Your ‘Game of Thrones’ Obsession to the Next Level With These Baby Names

Photo: HBOPhoto: HBO
It looks like the Bella Swan-naming trend from Twilight might be over, since the latest baby naming craze is all thanks to a little show called Game of Thrones. If you're on the hunt for a fearless and strong name for your baby girl, Khaleesi is the top contender from the hit HBO drama, since 146 babies were given... read more

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth Reveal the Names of Their Twin Boys With a Pic

Photo: Pop SugarPhoto: Pop Sugar
We were thinking that since Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth gave their first child India Rose a geographical name, they might follow suit with their two newborn twin boys -- and they kind of did! However, just a few days after their birth, Elsa announced their names with a sweet picture of their feet on... read more

Daphne Oz’s Baby Girl’s Name Has Old-World Style — and a Foodie Nickname

Daphne OzCelebrityBabyScoop

We were thrilled when Daphne Oz delivered a healthy baby girl on Thursday, so when she announced her baby daughter's name yesterday, it was frosting on the cake -- but it's really, really awesome frosting. Dr. Oz's oldest daughter and host of The Chew appeared on the show via Skype to inform...

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‘The Bachelorette’s DeAnna Pappas Stagliano Is a Mom! Check Out Her Daughter’s Old-School Name

If you're a fan of The Bachelorette, get excited! Former Bachelorette star DeAnna Pappas Stagliano gave birth to her first child on Thursday. Her husband, Stephen Stagliano, tweeted about the arrival of their daughter, Addison Marie, on Saturday. He said, "Our little angel is here! Daddy now has two loves in his life! Thank... read more