Pregnancy Weight Gain: A Big Issue

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It's not just about looking cute in maternity clothes and getting back into those favorite jeans. Several recent studies emphasize the importance for moms-to-be to keep weight gain in check during pregnancy and to try to shed the baby weight soon after giving birth. A large Irish study... read more

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

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New research suggests that many women -- pregnant or not -- aren't really aware of the toxins that they need to avoid if they wish to have children (healthy ones, at least). Sure, we know to avoid drinking and cigarettes, but those things are pretty much common sense. Obstetricians across the country, however, are realizing... read more

Active Pregnancy Helps Achieve Normal Childbirth

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If there weren't already enough reasons to stay active during pregnancy, a new study in the UK shows that women with higher activity levels are more likely to have a "normal" childbirth -- requiring fewer medical interventions -- than mothers who are less active. According to the BBC, the study... read more

Yikes! The Risk of Drinking Red Wine During Pregnancy​

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but the touted heart benefits of red wine still don't make it ok for pregnant women. Resveratrol -- the ingredient thought to prevent blood clots and damage to blood vessels -- does much more harm than good to fetuses. According to a study by the Federation... read more

The Vitamin You Didn’t Know You Need During Pregnancy

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You're loading up on folic acid, vitamin C, and calcium, but a vitamin crucial to your baby's brain development may be completely off your radar. We're talking about iodine, an element that helps make thyroid hormones required for brain development. A new report published in the journal Pediatrics has found that many American women of reproductive age... read more

How What You Ate Before Pregnancy Affects Baby

You've always known you're supposed to eat healthy, but being conscious of your choices is easier when you're eating for two. Kudos to you if you cut out the chips and candy before getting a positive pregnancy test; a study out of the University of Adelaide in Australia just confirmed that a healthy pre-pregnancy diet has amazing benefits for birth.... read more

Stressed During Pregnancy? Play Some Music

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You don't need me to tell you that pregnancy and stress can go hand-in-hand. Wondering if there's a way to keep your blood pressure from skyrocketing? Your iPod might just do the trick. The link between music and mood seems pretty obvious, but scientists at the Max Planck Institute for... read more

​Michelle Duggar Visits Pregnancy Specialist — Will There Be Baby #20?​

Photo: PeoplePhoto: People
The stars of TLC's show 19 Kids and Counting (yep, that's still a show!) may be trying for baby number 20. A preview clip released to reveals Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar recently visited a high-risk pregnancy specialist in Little Rock, Arkasas. Is Michelle trying to get pregnant again? Not necessarily.... read more

Mila Kunis Reveals How Ashton Kutcher Helps Her Pregnancy Cravings

Photo: Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.Photo: Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.
I'm telling you, when elusive celebrities go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen has an art of dragging almost everything out of them, which is why I'm so pumped that Mila Kunis appeared on the show on Friday. Since Mila likes to keep very mum on her pregnancy and engagement while having the cutest maternity style... read more

Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy Could Lead to Toddler Cavities — So How Much Do You Need?

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A new study revealed just how important getting enough vitamin D is during pregnancy, since a deficiency could seriously affect your baby's chompers. Robert J. Schroth, DMD, from University of Manitoba's dental school in Winnipeg, Canada, and his team declared that pregnant women with low levels of vitamin D could have toddlers with more... read more