Would You Compete To Win A Free IVF Cycle?

pregnancy test resultsShutterstock
This is a contest with an eventual winner, and hopefully, but not guaranteed, a grand prize. The contestants, while excited to compete, wish they weren’t. The entries, visible to and voted on by the public, come after what was likely a year or more of trying to win on their own, which is often only... Read more

The Tyranny Of The TSA: Set Our Breast Pumps Free!

clipart of TSA agentShutterstock
Jessica Shortall is a working mom with a career dedicated to the intersection of business and doing good. As the former Director of Giving for TOMS Shoes, she literally circumnavigated the globe with a breast pump, and now she’s here to give you advice for dealing with the challenges of being a working and pumping... Read more

Mom Illustrates All Those Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems You're Dealing With

Cartoon of pregnant woman with hairy bellyLine Severinsen via Instagram
From unwelcome body hair to nosy questions from strangers, pregnancy comes with its fair share of awkward and embarrassing moments. In case we haven't emphasized the fact that you're not alone enough, we've found some adorable cartoons to drive the point home. Norwegian illustrator and mom-of-two Line Severinsen has been drawing hilarious cartoons of pregnancy and... Read more

Man Takes Mid-Labor Selfie With Wife

Labor selifeReddit
Gil Solano took a selfie with his wife, Sarah, as she was in the middle of delivering their baby. And he lived to tell the tale. In fact, Solano says it was his wife's idea. "My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter... Read more

Watch Babies In The Womb Use Kicks To Paint Artwork

Artwork created by unborn baby kicksUnborn Artists via YouTube
Hoping to cultivate artistic skills in baby? Six mothers from from Belgium got a head start, helping their babies paint before they were even born. The women -- all between 32 and 39 weeks pregnant -- sat across from canvases, their bellies equipped with paint-dipped paint brushes secured in place by fabric and tape. And then they... Read more

Why Half Of Women Skip The Dentist During Pregnancy (And Shouldn't)

You monitor your health closer than ever during pregnancy. You adapt your workout, take your vitamins and skip out on your morning coffee. But what about your oral health? A national survey recently released by Cigna found that 43 percent of pregnant women are skipping out on out dental appointments. The survey also discovered only... Read more

Diner Owner Deems Toddlers 'Satanic' In Facebook Rant

toddler eating in high chairShutterstock
A San Francisco diner owner is on the defense after a Facebook rant deeming toddlers 'satanic.' Jennifer Bennett Piallat, owner of Zazie, tells ABC7 news the whole thing is a misunderstanding. She says her Facebook post wasn't even referring to kids in her restaurant, but to those in a local sushi joint. But when... Read more

It's Not Menopause; It's A Baby!

Couple holds their surprise baby, born an hour after Judy Brown found out she was pregnantWCVB
There was no registry, no baby shower and no pregnancy worry for Judy Brown. And that's because this new mom didn't know she was pregnant until an hour before labor. The 47-year-old Massachusetts women headed to Beverly Hospital with severe abdominal pain, believing it could be a blockage or a gall stone. But the hospital's... Read more

Mom Breastfeeding In Public Gets Mugged

Fort Tryon ParkShutterstock
“I’m trying not to breastfeed outside anymore." That's the word from 39-year-old Elena Sobina, who was mugged at knifepoint in a Manhattan park on Oct. 30. Her six month old, Kelly, had just fallen asleep while nursing around 5:30 p.m. in Washington Heights's Fort Tryon park. “I was very relaxed,” Sobina, who likes the neighborhood because... Read more

The First Photo Of Viral 'Baby Buns' Is Here

Baby Buns preemie photoFacebook
The 'bun in the oven' baby is ready for his closeup! For the first time, mom Dana Griffin-Graves shared a photo of her miracle preemie, born at 23 weeks. "Look at his precious little feet and long toes!" she captions the Facebook photo, letting followers know baby Kaleb is feeding every two hours and having regular bowel... Read more