Kate Middleton's Action-Packed Weekend in Wales

Prince William and Kate Middleton in WalesGetty
What didn't Kate Middleton do on her trip to Wales this weekend? As she continues to resume her royal duties, the pregnant princess tended to a two-year-old, filled an oil tank and watched a rugby game alongside Prince William. And we resumed our royal bump watch: we detected a just-visible bump under Kate's baby blue Matthew... read more

Big Dogs and Little Babies Are the Best of Friends

baby and black labBoredPanda
For your lazy Sunday, how about some adorable photos of babies snoozin' with puppies? You're welcome. (via BoredPanda) If you're a mom-to-be getting ready to introduce your fur baby to your real baby, we have some tips for a smooth transition, like introducing new sounds, rules and other children to your... read more

Shaming Pregnancy Fit Shaming

pregnant women weightsGetty
As a runner, I'd like to think that when I'm pregnant, I'll be able to pull off plenty of miles throughout all three trimesters. Okay, maybe just the first two. It's up in the air. But one thing's for sure: I'll never be able to rival Clara Horowitz Peterson. The elite distance runner has trained through... read more

Healthy, Hearty Fall Recipes

paleo chickenThe Nest
Warm, hearty meals usually mean warm, hearty calories. But we found a few fall recipes you can really feel good about cooking for the family. Straight from Julie Bauer's The Paleo Kitchen, these foods are an anomaly: healthy comfort food. Slow-Cooked Tomatillo Chicken What you'll need: 1½ pounds (680 grams) tomatillos 1 medium red onion,... read more

Happy National Stroller Running Day!

jogging stroller fallGetty
It's National Stroller Running Day! Already have a jogging stroller? Stop reading and get out there and hit the streets. If not, we have a few recommendations for you. Always a crowd pleaser, BOB has just released the new Revolution. This jogger will have you eating hills for breakfast, thanks to the hand-activated rear drum brakes, perfect... read more

Kelly Ripa, Carson Daly & More Reveal Their Parenting Styles

TODAY castGetty
We uncovered the latest trend in the talk show host circuit: hard-a-- parenting. Kelly Ripa described her tough-love approach on The Wendy Williams Show. Like most moms of teenage girls, she's currently locked in battle with 13-year-old Lola. "She recently lost her computer and phone privileges, so it's like taking away oxygen," Ripa said, explaining that... read more

See Beyonce's Photo of Kelly Rowland's Baby Son!

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland pose togetherGetty Images
Little Titan Jewell Witherspoon is the luckiest newborn out there, and he's not even a week old yet! Not only does the baby boy have Kelly Rowland as a mom, but he has her BFF and former Destiny's Child band member Beyoncé as an aunt. http://instagram.com/p/vEaPTaPwwU/?modal=true "There's no better feeling than holding my beautiful nephew. I thank... read more

Lily Allen Gets Emotional About Son's Stillbirth

Lily AllenGetty
Four years ago, singer Lily Allen gave birth to a stillborn son. She was six months pregnant at the time. "I think it's difficult for anybody regardless of what world they live in, and actually what I took home from that experience was… Even though it was the most unfortunate thing that can ever happen to... read more

What Inspired Rachel Bilson's Baby Name?

rachel bilson hayden christensen
Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are the newest (and most stylish) parents around! Rachel gave birth to a baby girl on October 29, USA Today confirmed today. We're pretty impressed that the couple kept it a secret for over a week. The baby's name might sound familiar: Briar Rose is what the three fairies call Princess Aurora in... read more

Doctor's Orders: A Placebo to Help Baby's Cough?

Sick baby with stethoscope4BabyCare
For many parents, giving your coughing baby medicine isn't an easy decision. But it turns out you might not have to make that choice, thanks to a placebo effect. Researchers looked at 119 coughing children between two months and four years old. While all of the kids had coughs that lasted for more than seven days, none had... read more