The Year Of The Mother: It's Time To Support Fellow Moms

mom karma card on windshieldThe Pump and Dump
Meet Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee, the ladies behind The Bump Pump and Dump Validation Tour. These Denver-based moms are here to remind you that even on your worst parenting day, you’re doing a great job. And whether it’s via song at their parentally-incorrect live comedy shows or via blog post on The Bump,... Read more

Why One Dad Plans To Run 22 Marathons To Honor Stillborn

sneaker with baby's footprintsFox News via Christopher Longo
Christopher and Lynne Longo were experiencing a complication-free pregnancy with their third baby. So when Lynn's 22-week ultrasound on New Year's Eve last month showed the fetus no longer had a heartbeat, the Bethel, Connecticut, couple was especially shocked. “It was surreal to say the least,” Christopher tells Fox News. “My feeling behind it was utter... Read more

Blizzard Babies: Fact Or Fiction?

couple in snowstormShutterstock
Let's address the myth once and for all. Do birth rates really spike nine months after a blizzard? Researchers are putting some science behind it. The answer? Yes—after blizzards and hurricanes! "With low-level, low-severity storm advisories, we actually found an uptick in births nine months later. So, it was about a 2 percent increase with... Read more

Is It Too Soon For Mark Zuckerberg To Take Daughter Max For A Swim?

Mark Zuckerberg swimming with baby MaxFacebook
While bathing suits and splashing around may be the furthest things from our minds here in the Northeast, Mark Zuckerberg made a splash in Palo Alto, California, this weekend, taking baby Max for her first swim. And according to his Facebook post, she loved it. At just 2 months old, Max is... Read more

Pregnant Woman Dies After Shoveling Snow: The Safety Precautions You Need To Take

shoveling snowShutterstock
This weekend's blizzard left tragedy in its wake across some of the storm's hardest hit areas. In Pottstown, Pennsylvania, an 8-month-pregnant woman passed away after spending the morning shoveling snow. Briahna Gerloff, 18, collapsed after shoveling snow outside her home around 9 a.m. on Saturday. Gerloff had actually completed the shoveling and headed inside, according to a family... Read more

Pumping At Work: The Etiquette Guide Your Co-workers Need

co-workers peer at working mom's breast pumpJessica Shortall
Making milk for a baby while at work is awkward. Some people even find it disgusting. So it's important that we make sure we are all acting in a way that makes our co-workers comfortable. But even more importantly, our co-workers need to know how to react to a pumping mom. I've pulled... Read more

'This Is What 24 Hours Postpartum Looks Like:' Photo Goes Viral

24 hours postpartum photoFacebook
The first few hours—and days—after you give birth can feel like a blur. Your body's been through hell. You're on an emotional high. It's such an exciting and unfamiliar time. One mom decided to capture everything she was feeling after that first day postpartum. And her message is resonating with thousands. "This is what 24... Read more

Recall Alert! Britax Car Seats, Stroller And Travel System

Big recall news today for everyone's favorite travel system. Britax is recalling both its B-Ready strollers and B-Safe 35/B-Safe 35 Elite infant car seats and travel systems. About 49,000 B-Ready strollers are affected in the US, along with separately-sold stroller replacement top seats. The foam padding on the stroller’s arm bar can come off in fragments if the... Read more

Hand-Holding Preemies Prove Twins Have Special Connection (VIDEO)

premature twins holding handsYouTube
Meet Kristian and Kristiana, the premature twins capturing hearts across the Internet. Based on comments on the YouTube video shared by mom Anthea Jackson, the hand-holding siblings are a reminder of "how much twins are connected." And there's scientific evidence to actually back that sentiment up, demonstrating this connection starts before birth. Back in 2010, researchers... Read more

Is Preschool Depression Something Parents Should Worry About?

contemplative toddler leaning against wallShutterstock
Interpreting the behavior of a 3 or 4 year old may often seem like a lost cause. But if you're even slightly concerned your preschooler is exhibiting signs of depression, know that's a legitimate problem for some young children. And there's work being done to combat it. "Nobody believed preschoolers could get depressed," Dr. Joan Luby,... Read more