19 kids and counting

The Duggars Return Tonight!

They're back! Tonight, the Duggars return to TLC with a ninth season of 19 Kids & Counting. Yep, you'll get a full recap of Jill and Derick's pregnancy, Jessa and Ben's wedding planning, and what's new with the rest of the Duggars (Will Jana find love this season? Here's hoping!). Of course, you've probably followed the... Read more

​Michelle Duggar Visits Pregnancy Specialist — Will There Be Baby #20?​

Photo: PeoplePhoto: People
The stars of TLC's show 19 Kids and Counting (yep, that's still a show!) may be trying for baby number 20. A preview clip released to Today.com reveals Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar recently visited a high-risk pregnancy specialist in Little Rock, Arkasas. Is Michelle trying to get pregnant again? Not necessarily.... Read more

The Duggars Spend $3,000 on Groceries Each Month!

The whole Duggar familyTLC
And you thought shopping for your family was hard. Try buying groceries for 19 kids -- plus grandkids! We’re imagining an army of Duggars running around the grocery store -- kind of like that old game show Supermarket Sweep (anyone remember that?!). Well, Michelle Duggar of the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting told Read more