First-Time Pregnant Women Get Advice from the Best — Their Moms (Video)

advice from momThe Daily Share
When you have a pregnancy question you don't want to ask anyone else, you turn to The Bump, of course. But the other source you can trust in confidence? Your mom. The Daily Share posted a video of four first-time pregnant women talking candidly with their moms about pregnancy and parenthood. "Did you... Read more

Bumpie Tip of the Week: Old Wives’ Tale or Just Bad Advice?

women sharing coffeeThinkstock
Everyone seems to have some kind of great, secret, stuff-no-one-else-will-tell-you pregnancy-and-parenting advice for us these days -- especially those who have been there before. We've got Bumpies who are spilling some of the outrageous things they've heard over on the Babies: 6-9 Months community board: "My aunt and uncle told me that when our... Read more

Study Says Message Boards Provide Support for Moms — So Join Our Community Today!

Photo: SheKnows / The BumpPhoto: SheKnows / The Bump
There is one thing all moms have always relied on when it comes to parenting: each other. And today, the Internet is helping moms forge relationships through online communities so that they can continue to anonymously express their child-rearing concerns and support each other. A new study out of Missouri University says that Read more

The Best Advice for New Moms (That’s the Hardest to Follow!)

It's three in the afternoon, and your new baby is asleep. How do you spend the time? a.  Tackle a pile of laundry or unload the dishwasher b.  Pump to build your freezer stash of breast milk c.  Nap d.  Shower or go to the bathroom If you're like me, you may not do any... Read more

Why You Need a “Mentor Mom”

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
Do you have a mentor mom? Mentors are popular for students looking to get through college. They're great for employees looking to turn a job into a career. They're a benefit for people looking to lose a few pounds. But they can also be really helpful for moms too. Chances are that you aren't the... Read more

Did President Obama Give Jay-Z Dad-to-Dad Advice?

president obama, beyonce, jay-z
Um, yeah. He did. In an interview with Cleveland's z107.9, (which started off politically focused but somehow veered off course), when asked, "What does the POTUS talk to Jay-Z and Beyonce about?" the President answered: "We talk about the same things I talk about with all my friends. We talk about kids. They just had... Read more

Best Celeb Mom Tweets of the Week

Photo: TwitterPhoto: Twitter
Celebs love to tweet about their pregnancies and experiences as new moms (just like us!). Here’s a roundup of this week's funniest, cutest and most memorable tweets from celeb moms and moms-to-be. Tell us, do you share your new mom experiences on Twitter? Plus, more from The Bump: Celeb... Read more