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Kids Who Grow Up With Dogs Have Lower Likelihood Of Asthma

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In the best news ever for dog-loving parents, early exposure to dogs is linked to a lower likelihood of asthma in kids. Over the course of five years, Swedish researchers analyzed information from babies born between  Jan. 1, 2001 and Dec. 31, 2010. Their findings, just published in JAMA Pediatrics, shows that the... Read more

Celebrate National Dog Day With These Pugs Playing With A Baby

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It's that time of the year month week again, it's National Dog Day! (We know, we know; it seems there's always a holiday to celebrate your fur baby, from National Love Your Pet Day to National Puppy Day.) We just can't help covering the canines, whether the story's about baby bonding... Read more

The National Puppy Day Photos You Need

baby girl and puppyArtworks Tulsa Photography
On the heels (or paws) of National Love Your Pet Day, today is National Puppy Day! To celebrate round two of the cutest time of the year, we gathered some adorable photos of babies with their furry best friends. But unlike our last roundup of sleepyheads, this time they're wide awake and ready to play.... Read more

Dog Begs Baby’s Forgiveness (WATCH!)

dog and baby
Dog may be man's best friend, but Charlie the beagle has a lot of groveling to do to get back on baby Laura's good side. Laura started crying as soon as the dog nabbed her favorite toy. And the guilt tore him apart. Parents caught the whole saga on camera, and shared a minute and... Read more