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Baby Diagnosed With Scurvy: What This Means For Formula-Feeding Parents

baby feeding from bottleShutterstock
A recent, rare diagnosis is emphasizing the importance of properly feeding your infant. An 11 month old in Spain was diagnosed with scurvy after months of an almond-milk only diet. Scurvy, typically associated with pirates and not much else, involves a severe vitamin C deficiency. This can result in symptoms like weakness, fragile bones, bruising,... Read more

How Baby's Delivery Method And Diet Influence Immunity-Boosting Gut Bacteria

Bottle-fed babyBottle-fed baby
Typically, if all goes well, by a few weeks after childbirth, you can't tell whether a baby was delivered vaginally or via c-section. And by the time your son or daughter is in preschool, you typically won't be able to tell whether or not that child was exclusively breastfed. Despite all the controversy over parenting choices, most moms and... Read more

Recall Alert! Children's Cough Syrup

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A scary—but voluntary—recall today for children's medicine: Guaifenesin is recalling its Children's Guaifenesin Grape Liquid and Guaifenesin DM Cherry Liquid medicine because of mismarkings that could lead to improper dosage. Pharmaceutical company Perrigo announced the recall today after noting that certain dosing cups in Guaifenesin packages sold under store-brand labels were incorrectly marked. Both the grape and... Read more

Should My Baby Get The Flu Shot?

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It's National Influenza Vaccination Week, so there's a good chance you've seen plenty of PSAs urging you to get your shot. Yes, you can (and should) get the flu shot when you're pregnant, according to the CDC. But what about baby? Here are the questions you should be asking: Should my baby... Read more

The One Party Your Child Should Skip This Holiday Season

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One type of party you'll want to steer clear of this holiday season? Chickenpox parties. There's a good chance it happened to you as a kid: Parents encourage healthy kids to play with those who have the highly-contagious varicella virus in the hopes they'll contract chickenpox through good old-fashioned germ exposure. The rationale is that they'll get... Read more

Stranger Donates Liver To Save Baby's Life

Liver donor holds babyWalker family via TODAY
Natalia Walker's first birthday was a cause for celebration in more ways than one. It was the day she received a liver transplant from a donor she'd never met. Walker was born with biliary artresia -- the same disease that affected the Ohio baby boy whose mother saved his life with her liver.... Read more

Supermom Donates Liver To Baby, Comforts Him Post-Surgery (WATCH)

Traci Tigue comforting baby Brodie after liver transplantWKYC
Never doubt your maternal instincts. Last May, Brodie Tigue was born perfectly healthy. But within a few days, his parents, Brunswick, Ohio, residents Traci and Russ, noticed his skin looked "different" from his sisters, and that his eyes appeared yellow in the corners. Brodie's pediatrician assured his parents these symptoms would go away, but Traci... Read more

Viral Video Of Baby With Whooping Cough Makes A Case For Vaccinations

video of baby with whooping coughFacebook
One mom is making quite the convincing case for vaccinations, sharing a video of 4-month-old Austin suffering from a bout of Pertussis, aka whooping cough. In Rebecca Harreman's video, her teary, red-faced son is badly coughing and wheezing, and has been for more than a month. But, as she explains in the video, this is a... Read more

Where Does Your City And State Rank On This Year’s Premature Birth Report Card?

premature babyMarch of Dimes
We already know that major social and economic factors like location, education, ethnicity, diet and health care can all play a role in a baby's life expectancy and general health outlook, but a new report out today highlights just how much these differences play a role in whether babies are born preterm as well. Every year... Read more

3-Year-Old Open-Heart Surgery Survivor Crowned Homecoming Queen

homecoming queen toddler AviFOX
When Denver, Colorado's Manual High School decided to crown a 3 year old their homecoming queen, they worried all the festivities might overwhelm her. But like a true royal, Avelynn handled the coronation with grace and poise. “She was smiling at the players, pointing to her framed picture, and just seemed to be basking in the special... Read more