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Stranger Donates Liver To Save Baby's Life

Liver donor holds babyWalker family via TODAY
Natalia Walker's first birthday was a cause for celebration in more ways than one. It was the day she received a liver transplant from a donor she'd never met. Walker was born with biliary artresia -- the same disease that affected the Ohio baby boy whose mother saved his life with her liver.... Read more

Supermom Donates Liver To Baby, Comforts Him Post-Surgery (WATCH)

Traci Tigue comforting baby Brodie after liver transplantWKYC
Never doubt your maternal instincts. Last May, Brodie Tigue was born perfectly healthy. But within a few days, his parents, Brunswick, Ohio, residents Traci and Russ, noticed his skin looked "different" from his sisters, and that his eyes appeared yellow in the corners. Brodie's pediatrician assured his parents these symptoms would go away, but Traci... Read more

Viral Video Of Baby With Whooping Cough Makes A Case For Vaccinations

video of baby with whooping coughFacebook
One mom is making quite the convincing case for vaccinations, sharing a video of 4-month-old Austin suffering from a bout of Pertussis, aka whooping cough. In Rebecca Harreman's video, her teary, red-faced son is badly coughing and wheezing, and has been for more than a month. But, as she explains in the video, this is a... Read more

Where Does Your City And State Rank On This Year’s Premature Birth Report Card?

premature babyMarch of Dimes
We already know that major social and economic factors like location, education, ethnicity, diet and health care can all play a role in a baby's life expectancy and general health outlook, but a new report out today highlights just how much these differences play a role in whether babies are born preterm as well. Every year... Read more

3-Year-Old Open-Heart Surgery Survivor Crowned Homecoming Queen

homecoming queen toddler AviFOX
When Denver, Colorado's Manual High School decided to crown a 3 year old their homecoming queen, they worried all the festivities might overwhelm her. But like a true royal, Avelynn handled the coronation with grace and poise. “She was smiling at the players, pointing to her framed picture, and just seemed to be basking in the special... Read more

UPDATE: Baby Girl's 'Inoperable' Brain Tumor Removed

Baby Abigail, who is thriving after her brain tumor was removed.8.08 Photography
A month ago, the outlook was grim for baby Abigail. The then one-month-old was born with Down syndrome and a rare tumor, thought to be a type of cancerous teratoma, that was replacing her brain tissue. After learning the tumor was too aggressive for treatment and that it would likely grow back after removal, the Jones family... Read more

Health Linked To Season Of Birth? New Study's Surprising Finding

Sandy baby feetShutterstock
Sure, fall babies are the most common, but a new study is finding that summer babies are the healthiest. A research team from the University of Cambridge found that babies born in June, July and August routinely log the heaviest birth weights and taller heights as adults. While other studies have found... Read more

Time To Hit The Orchard: Study Finds Kids Really Love Apples

toddlers apple pickingShutterstock
Great news on the first day of fall:  Compared to other fruit, kids are really, really into apples. A new study published in the journal Pediatrics surveyed over 3,000 kids, determining that apples account for 19 percent of the total fruit they're consuming. And this love of apples seems to get stronger with... Read more

Geneticist: New Parents Should 'Roll Their Child On The Floor Of The Subway'

subway car interiorShutterstock
Parents braving public transportation with their kids come well-equipped with Purell. But a team of geneticists has an unexpected message: Embrace the filth. "I would advise any new parent to roll their child on the floor of the New York subway," says Chris Mason, a geneticist at Weill Cornell Medical College. Mason was part of the Read more

Newborn With Inoperable Brain Tumor Has 'Surpassed Every Expectation' (Photos)

newborn on bed with parents in background8.08 Photography
At just one month old, baby Abigail is showing the world her perseverance. Against all the odds that come with an inoperable brain tumor, she's still here. And while her story probably won't have a happy ending, her parents are demonstrating incredible strength. "[Abigail] has blown us away and surpassed every expectation. God has blessed... Read more