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Caring for a Sick Baby: Tips and Tricks All Moms Should Know

Sick baby with stethoscope4BabyCare
It's January and my 8-month-old is on his second cold of the season. It hasn't been anything serious - just your average, run-of-the-mill cold: fever, fussiness, runny nose and coughing. And while it hasn't been unbearable, oh, how I wish it would it would just end end! There were several things that I wasn't prepared... Read more

Dealing With Baby Health Scares

Our son was born with a case of jaundice bad enough to send us home from the hospital with a bili-blanket to fight it off. Luckily, we only needed to use it for a few days before his enzyme levels were better. (He also got a black eye from delivery, but it didn't hurt... Read more

Moms, It’s Time For Flu Shots

Heads up moms and moms-to-be! It's that time of year again. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new flu vaccine that will be used during the 2012-2013 season. Each year the FDA, in conjunction with  the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study influenza virus samples and global... Read more

New Reason to Get a Dog: Baby May Get Sick Less

Do you tote antibacterial wipes in your diaper bag? A new study may convince you to swap out the sanitizer for a house pet. In the Finnish study, published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers studied nearly 400 babies from birth throughout their first year. They focused on the respiratory health of the infants in... Read more

Mom Finds Out Her Baby Has a Rare Condition on Facebook

Photo: Thinkstock / The BumpPhoto: Thinkstock / The Bump
Are people using Facebook to diagnose illnesses? Well, not exactly, but a British mom found out that her baby had a rare condition that could cause brain damage from a stranger on Facebook. According to Fox News, Charlotte Dent found out that her six-month-old son, George, had trigonocephaly, which can cause blindness, learning disabilities... Read more

SIDS Risk Factors You Haven’t Heard

Photo: Veer / The BumpPhoto: Veer / The Bump
It’s widely known that parents should put sleeping babies on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS, but there are other causes of SIDS that are less recognized, but harmful, too. According to a new study in Pediatrics, SIDS-related deaths are down after the Back-to-Sleep program was initiated, but there are multiple SIDS... Read more