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UPDATE: Baby Girl's 'Inoperable' Brain Tumor Removed

Baby Abigail, who is thriving after her brain tumor was removed.8.08 Photography
A month ago, the outlook was grim for baby Abigail. The then one-month-old was born with Down syndrome and a rare tumor, thought to be a type of cancerous teratoma, that was replacing her brain tissue. After learning the tumor was too aggressive for treatment and that it would likely grow back after removal, the Jones family... Read more

Health Linked To Season Of Birth? New Study's Surprising Finding

Sandy baby feetShutterstock
Sure, fall babies are the most common, but a new study is finding that summer babies are the healthiest. A research team from the University of Cambridge found that babies born in June, July and August routinely log the heaviest birth weights and taller heights as adults. While other studies have found... Read more

Time To Hit The Orchard: Study Finds Kids Really Love Apples

toddlers apple pickingShutterstock
Great news on the first day of fall:  Compared to other fruit, kids are really, really into apples. A new study published in the journal Pediatrics surveyed over 3,000 kids, determining that apples account for 19 percent of the total fruit they're consuming. And this love of apples seems to get stronger with... Read more

Geneticist: New Parents Should 'Roll Their Child On The Floor Of The Subway'

subway car interiorShutterstock
Parents braving public transportation with their kids come well-equipped with Purell. But a team of geneticists has an unexpected message: Embrace the filth. "I would advise any new parent to roll their child on the floor of the New York subway," says Chris Mason, a geneticist at Weill Cornell Medical College. Mason was part of the Read more

Newborn With Inoperable Brain Tumor Has 'Surpassed Every Expectation' (Photos)

newborn on bed with parents in background8.08 Photography
At just one month old, baby Abigail is showing the world her perseverance. Against all the odds that come with an inoperable brain tumor, she's still here. And while her story probably won't have a happy ending, her parents are demonstrating incredible strength. "[Abigail] has blown us away and surpassed every expectation. God has blessed... Read more

Baby Mason Lost His Leukemia Battle, But Mom's Fight Continues (Watch)

Baby Mason fight songFacebook
As Alissa Silva was losing her one-year-old son Mason to leukemia, she made him a promise. And now, with Facebook likes and shares, she's fulfilling it. In honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Silva created a Facebook video to raise awareness about childhood cancer, specifically leukemia. With Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" playing in the... Read more

Picky Eating Might Point To Bigger Problems

picky eaterShutterstock
Most parents of preschoolers fight a nightly battle at the dinner table. No veggies, nothing squishy and definitely nothing orange. Most of the time, with encouragement and persistence from parents, picky eating is something toddlers grow out of. But how do you know if you need to take it more seriously? After noticing that... Read more

Are Needle-Free Vaccines In Sight?

baby getting a shotShutterstock
You know it's necessary, but watching baby get poked and prodded can be the toughest part about having her vaccinated. New research from Japan might be able to alleviate your pain, both mental and physical. A team from Osaka University created a dissolvable patch to administer flu vaccines. Tiny (painless) microneedles in the patch penetrate... Read more

State of the World's Mothers Report: How Does the US Stack Up?

save the children newbornGenna Naccache
Every year, Save the Children releases its State of the World's Mothers Report, ranking 179 countries based on maternal and children's health statistics. Where would you expect the US to fall? Somewhere within the top 10? Try 33. Internationally, disparities between care available for the urban rich and the urban poor are Read more

Is a Cure for SIDS on the Way?

newborn sleepingShutterstock
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is one of the most heartbreaking things a parent can experience, especially because so little is known about it. Daniel Rubens, MD, an anesthesiologist at Seattle Children's Hospital and the founder of the SIDS Research Guild, has spent 11 years researching why infants can suffocate in their sleep within minutes,... Read more