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Surprise! How to Make Baby Smarter

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Your mundane game of peekaboo just got a whole lot more meaningful; a new study shows that surprises and unexpected events are critical to babies' learning experiences. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University essentially showed a group of 11-month-olds a series of magic tricks, testing their innate understanding of cause-and-effect. A researcher rolled a ball down... Read more

It’s True! Babies Learn Language While In Utero

Photo: Inhabitots / The BumpPhoto: Inhabitots / The Bump
For years and years, soon-to-be parents have asked themselves the same question, "Can baby hear us?" and for just as long the question has gone unanswered. Now, however, researchers have finally come to a conclusion and it's sure to be one that mom and dads-to-be are over the moon about! Newborns are much more attuned the... Read more