baby milestones

Never (Ever!) Say This to a New Mom

baby and momPhoto: Jecamean / The Bump
You know what never gets old? Being accosted by a complete stranger in the grocery store as you’re trying to wheel your cart down the international foods aisle without the baby grabbing and smashing an expensive jar of kalamata olives on the floor. “Ohhhh, just look at that little face!” these people squeal.... Read more

Child Development Milestones — Does Your Kid Measure Up?

Child's Height
Have you ever been concerned your child wasn't developing on track? The answer to that question is probably yes. As a mother and a speech pathologist -- almost every parent I've talked with has worried, at some point, that their child might not be within the normal range for some development milestone. As a first... Read more

Tori Spelling Is Kinda Sad About Her Daughter’s First Word — Were You?

Photo: TwitterPhoto: Twitter
Looks like Tori Spelling’s 7-month-old daughter Hattie Margaret is a daddy’s girl -- her first word was “Dada.” Tori wrote on her website that she was happy about the milestone, but also a little disappointed that it wasn’t “Mama.” She said, “I’m sure that mamas everywhere can agree that I wouldn’t be human if... Read more