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Meet The 2016 Gerber Baby!

The sixth annual Gerber Baby Photo Search—basically the baby version of Miss Universe, minus the drama—has come to an end! And we're pleased to introduce you to this year's winner, deemed the 2016 Gerber Spokesbaby. Meet 7-month-old Isla! Already nailing the head-propping look so essential for baby models, the Troy, Michigan, native won... Read more

The Message Behind This Viral Newborn And Placenta Photo

newborn connected to placentaEmma Jean Photography via Facebook
There's lots of, well, alternative things you can do with your placenta. You can save it and turn it into jewelry. You can cut it up and turn it into pill form, eating it for the supposed postnatal health benefits, Kourtney Kardashian style. But rarely do we see it photographed. And that's why... Read more

The Cuteness Factor In This Star Wars-Themed Newborn Photoshoot Is Out Of This World

star wars newborn photoTrish's Photography
The force was certainly with mom, Amber Bartlett, 32, after she gave birth to her second child despite being told her chances of conceiving were slim to none. When Bartlett was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 23, doctors urged her to undergo a hysterectomy. But she refused, holding out hope that one day she would... Read more

Is It Okay To Post Naked Photos Of Your Child?

Toddler Otis Sudeikis naked with a cowboy hatInstagram
Hang onto your (cowboy) hats: There's a whole lot of controversy over Olivia Wilde's latest Instagram post. Wilde shared a photo of 19-month-old son Otis standing naked on a porch, donning only a cowboy hat with his backside to the camera. "Naked Cowboy," reads the photo caption, a nod to the famous Times Square... Read more

Practice Makes Perfect: This Baby Helps Photographers Train

newborn dummy in a birdsnestKickstarter
Your newborn photographer knows how to perfectly position baby's malleable little limbs for the cutest snapshots ever. But ever wonder how she gleaned those skills? Or how she knows it's safe? Meet StandInBaby, the dummy doll helping photographers practice posing babies. Two Australian engineers designed the doll after noting first-time newborn photographers should not be... Read more

The Sleepy Santa Photos You'll Want To Replicate

Santa and baby sleepingFacebook
A timeless tradition or a holiday hassle? The younger the baby, the less likely your photo session with Santa will end, well, merrily. But one Santa Claus embraced the challenge when a toddler fell asleep before getting the chance to ask for everything on his Christmas list. Rather than the risk of sending the toddler into a... Read more

The First Photo Of Viral 'Baby Buns' Is Here

Baby Buns preemie photoFacebook
The 'bun in the oven' baby is ready for his closeup! For the first time, mom Dana Griffin-Graves shared a photo of her miracle preemie, born at 23 weeks. "Look at his precious little feet and long toes!" she captions the Facebook photo, letting followers know baby Kaleb is feeding every two hours and having regular bowel... Read more

Justin Timberlake Shares 3(!) Photos Of Baby Silas

Justin Timberlake watching TV with baby SilasThe Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
"It is the most insanely amazing, wonderful, unbelievable thing to ever happen to you." Nope, Justin Timberlake isn't talking about his days in*NSYNC. The 34-year-old singer stopped by The Tonight Show and gushed about fatherhood to Jimmy Fallon. (And he was definitely in the right place; Fallon is the ultimate photo-sharing doting dad.)... Read more

Newborn With Inoperable Brain Tumor Has 'Surpassed Every Expectation' (Photos)

newborn on bed with parents in background8.08 Photography
At just one month old, baby Abigail is showing the world her perseverance. Against all the odds that come with an inoperable brain tumor, she's still here. And while her story probably won't have a happy ending, her parents are demonstrating incredible strength. "[Abigail] has blown us away and surpassed every expectation. God has blessed... Read more

​The Hilarious Reason Why These Newborn Photo Shoots Went Viral

Dad and baby newborn photo shootGigi O'Dea Photography/Facebook
In a perfect world, your angelic new baby would curl up in a peaceful pose and sleep his way through a newborn shoot. There would probably be some sort of crochet clothing involved. These three families do not live in a perfect world. First, meet Mark Resnick and his seven-day-old son Asher. After about an hour of... Read more