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Dad Turns 4-Month-Old Son Into His Very Own Elf On The Shelf

baby elf on the shelfInstagram
While Elf On The Shelf is designed to keep kids on their toes, we're finding the same old photos of hiding spots are getting kind of stale. But Utah dad Alan Lawrence came up with an out-of-the-box photo opportunity: He turned his 4-month-old son into his own real life Elf On The Shelf. Inspiration for this latest... Read more

Why You Won’t Be Seeing Baby Pictures at the OB

It's cute, it's common, and more than anything, it's reassuring. Seeing the smiling faces of all the babies your OB has delivered lets you know this whole pregnancy thing is going to turn out just fine. But more and more doctors are moving these baby boards out of sight, thanks to of the federal patient privacy... Read more