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Would You Drive Safer If Kids Gave You Directions?

kids recording voices for GPS appWaze via YouTube
Maybe a British woman voices your GPS. Maybe it's even Sean Connery. But if it were a four year old, would you feel compelled to drive a little more cautiously? That's what Waze, the popular navigation app, is hoping as it adds kids ages 3 through 12 to the options of driving guide... Read more

Liquid Laundry Pods: A Rising Household Danger

Laundry detergent podsShutterstock
Thirty kids per day. That's the rate of kids requiring medical attention because of a surprising household danger -- liquid laundry detergent pods. Sure, those little pods make the laundry process just a little bit more efficient (or if you're trekking to a laundromat, your load a little lighter). But if you have kids... Read more

Smoking Near Toddlers As Bad As Smoking While Pregnant

pregnant smokerGetty
If you need another reason to quit smoking, we've got it. It turns out that smoking around a toddler can have the same effects on the child's future weight gain as smoking while pregnant. Researchers from the University of Montreal and CHU Sainte Justine Research Centre found that by the age of 10, kids... Read more

Recall Reminds Parents To Anchor TV And Furniture To Wall

colorful children's bureauShutterstock
Earlier this week, Pali Design recalled several pieces of furniture. Restraint straps that anchor armoires and dressers to the wall can break, posing a risk of falling when curious kids play on the furniture. While the recall was relatively small -- affecting 18,000 pieces of furniture in the US -- it points to the larger... Read more

Ban Babies' Ear Piercings, Growing UK Petition Demands

sleeping baby with earringShutterstock
Thousands of people have signed a petition in the hopes of outlawing ear piercing for babies and toddlers in England. "Other forms of physically harming children are illegal -- this should be no different," writes UK mother Susan Ingram, who addressed the petition to Minister of Children Edward Timpson. She doesn't mince words, calling the act... Read more

Best Gear For Smarter Babyproofing

4moms infant tub4moms
June is National Safety Month. So if you feel like everything is an accident waiting to happen now that baby is here or on the way, now's the time to beef up your babyproofing. Bath Spout Cover Bath time should be fun, not fearful. This adorable soft rubber whale spout cover by Skip Hop protects... Read more

Why Are People So Upset Over This Video?

baby being dunked upside down into waterFacebook
'Baby yoga' seems to be a pretty all-encompassing term. While you may have introduced baby to new stretches and movements at your last Mommy & Me class, the caregiver in a newly-viral Facebook video has a very different approach to the technique. The video shows a crying baby being held upside down in a bucket of... Read more

'Underwater Babies' Is Our New Favorite Book

underwater babySeth Casteel
Photographer Seth Casteel has already done adorable portraits of dogs and puppies underwater, so his natural next step was documenting tiny humans in their very first plunges underwater. Casteel's book Underwater Babies contains over 70 photos of babies in the midst of supervised swimming lessons. The photographer told the Huffington Post that the babies,... Read more

AAP: Measure Children's Medicine in Milliliters

medicine dropperShutterstock
Better brush up on your understanding of the metric system; pediatricians are calling for children’s liquid medicines to only be measured in metric units. The push comes as an initiative to reduce overdoses associated with mixups of teaspoons and tablespoons. Overdoses send tens of thousands of kids to the emergency room each year. "Even though we... Read more

Police Offers Skip Ticket, Buy Car Seat for Family in Need

police officersFox17
Officers James Hodges and Jason Pavlige are being deemed heroes for their response to a call regarding child safety a month ago. But these Michigan cops maintain they were just doing their jobs. A McDonald's employee alerted police after a family drove through the restaurant and their baby wasn't safely secured in a car seat. Officers Hodges and... Read more