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Are Booster Seats Safe?

Girl in convertible car seatShutterstock
Turns out parents are even worse at installing booster seats than car seats. Following news from Ohio State College of Medicine that over 30 percent of car seats aren't the proper size for the cars in which they're installed, researchers at the University of Michigan took a look at car seat safety for older kids.... Read more

Infant Etiquette: Beware Of Giving Baby Kisses

mom kissing babyShutterstock
There are some good old staples of baby etiquette. Sanitize your hands before holding baby. Don't ask a new mom if she's breastfeeding. And don't even think about asking if she wants another. Add keeping the smooches to a minimum to the list. UK mom Claire Henderson shared a photo of her daughter,... Read more

Baby Gear #TBT: Baby Cages

Baby cage hanging out of apartment windowWatching Baby
Long before the days of baby gates, safety latches and window guards, city moms were finding resourceful ways to get baby outside (read: dodging going for a walk). Dangerous, but we'll hand it to them: resourceful. In the late 1800s, doctors began to recommend that kids in urban apartments get fresh air. Physicians like Dr. Luther... Read more

Dad Has No Idea He Ran Over His Toddler

UK family with dad who ran over toddler sonJamie Ellison via Facebook
Imagine coming home to find paramedics treating your toddler. Imagine later finding out you caused the injuries. That was the case for one UK dad, who inadvertently -- and unknowingly -- backed over his 15-month-old son AJ while taking his daughters to school. As he returned to his Gloucestershire home, an angry and confused Jamie... Read more

Baby Passes Away After Grandparents Leave Him In Hot Car, Mom Issues Statement (UPDATE)

Baby Jaxon, who died in a hot carMandie Hendershot via Facebook
Sad news out of Georgia this weekend: An 11-month-old boy passed away after his grandparents forgot him in the car. Kyle and Meta Hendershot were babysitting their grandson Jaxon on Saturday while his mother Mandie Hendershot -- who works the nightshift -- slept at home. After returning home from church with Jaxon and other family... Read more

Baby Who Accidentally Consumed Vodka Had A BAC Of .294

baby in incubatorShutterstock
A Kenosha, Wisconsin baby was rushed to the hospital after accidentally consuming vodka. The one-month-old infant's blood alcohol level spiked to .294, more than three times the level of a legally drunk adult: .08. How did this happen? Police say the child's mother had filled a container with water to mix a bottle... Read more

Does Your Car Seat Really Fit Your Car? A New Study Says Probably Not

newborn in car seatShutterstock
Installing a car seat isn't a walk in the park. And neither is choosing from the hundreds of options out there. A new study shows that even if you've done your research and followed the instructions, there's still a good chance you've installed it incorrectly. But you're allowed to blame your car. “Car seats themselves... Read more

Is There Glass In Huggies Wipes? What You Need To Know

Huggies wipesHuggies
All that glitters is not glass. That's the word from Huggies after several parents reported finding glass or fiberglass-like particles in packages of baby wipes, citing and photographing shiny residue as proof. The story came to light last week, when California mom Melissa Estrella posted a video testing three packages of Huggies wipes, revealing what... Read more

Sunscreen Saga: A Defense From Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba speakingGetty
Attention The Honest Company sunscreen users: Jessica Alba is here for you. But whether or not the brand is going to do anything about their potentially faulty sunscreen formula is still unclear. After a slew of complaints from users reporting horrible sunburns after using the product, the company initially issued a statement backing... Read more

Has Your Family Been Burned After Using This Sunscreen?

Sunburn from The Honest Company sunscreenThe Honest Company/Amazon
Sold out online, The Honest Company's popular sunscreen is touted for being non-toxic and eco-friendly. But it might not be effective. A string of consumers have posted serious complaints regarding serious burns after using The Honest Company sunscreen. The company, co-founded by Jessica Alba, is known for its non-toxic products... Read more