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Is It Too Soon For Mark Zuckerberg To Take Daughter Max For A Swim?

Mark Zuckerberg swimming with baby MaxFacebook
While bathing suits and splashing around may be the furthest things from our minds here in the Northeast, Mark Zuckerberg made a splash in Palo Alto, California, this weekend, taking baby Max for her first swim. And according to his Facebook post, she loved it. At just 2 months old, Max is... Read more

Would You Try These Hands-Off Baby Swimming Lessons?

baby in kiddie poolGetty
Memorial Day Weekend means the start of summer! And it's also the end of the CDC's Healthy and Safe Swimming Week. Bottom line? Water safety is becoming high-priority for parents. You know your kids should take swimming lessons, and chances are you've heard of all sorts of baby-and-me swim classes that help acclimate your infant to the water. But... Read more

'Underwater Babies' Is Our New Favorite Book

underwater babySeth Casteel
Photographer Seth Casteel has already done adorable portraits of dogs and puppies underwater, so his natural next step was documenting tiny humans in their very first plunges underwater. Casteel's book Underwater Babies contains over 70 photos of babies in the midst of supervised swimming lessons. The photographer told the Huffington Post that the babies,... Read more