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Cutest Preppy Swim Styles for Baby (WATCH!)

Photos Courtesy of the ManufacturerPhotos Courtesy of the Manufacturer
So far, we've taken you through our favorite hipster, nautical, surfer chic and retro swim styles that'll suit your little swimmer best this summer and today, we've got more goodies! If you're in the market for a swimsuit that's stylish enough for your preppy baby, you're in... Read more

Cutest Surfer Chic Suits for Baby (WATCH!)

It's that time again, mom and dad. After booking your trip to the beach or playing your day at the pool, it's time to invest in a baby swimsuit that's adorable, comfortable and safe for baby. But where to start looking? With so many styles available in the marketplace, it's hard to narrow it down... Read more

Cutest Hipster Swim Styles for Baby (Watch!)

Not sure how to dress your little hipster for the beach or the pool? Don't worry, mama, we've got you covered! We're showing off our little ladies and gents in some adorable hipster swimwear. Because it's Friday, because it's adorable and basically because I just can't bare to explain all the cuteness that we caught... Read more